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Grapes 3d Cluster Assembly Guide

Nine globe-shaped grapes in two provided sizes combine
with two-layer vein-cutout leaves
for a wonderful dimensional display embellishment
for the chalice 3d communion cup (pictured in the thumbnail),
or alone for a decorative element in its own right.
Twenty circles with triangle perforations
compose each sphere, so there is a bit of work involved.
(You decide IF it is worth it for the finished product.)

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A circles for smaller grape size (20)
B circles for larger grape size (20)
C leaf base and decorative top layer (2 ea.)
D optional floral wire sections (approx. 4-5")

NOTE: cluster model includes 9 grapes cut from two violet shades, 4 small 5 large.

Circles shown here are arranged as: 
top row cap 5
center row 10 
bottom row cap 5

2. Prepare the circle shapes by folding back the three curved tabs. Be sure to pinch each perf line to crease all the way to the circle edge.

3. Prepare the top row cap by joining five circles. 
Align and join first two circles as shown (it may be easier to align the perforation edges by assembling as you view the shapes from the back side). 

Take care to make sure the top and bottom of edges being joined align as accurately as possible.

4. Continue adding third circle, then fourth . . . 

and fifth in the same fashion.

5. Align and join the tabs of the first and fifth circles to complete the cap.

6. Complete a 5-circle bottom cap in the same manner.

7. Prepare a 10-circle middle row section by joining circle tabs in similar fashion as for caps. NOTE that the triangle of each creased circle alternates in north or south pointing direction across the section.

8. Bring the ends of the assembly together to align the circle tabs of end circles. Align and glue together to form a ring.

Allow rows assemblies to dry before proceeding.

9. Fold the edge tabs of the top cap back nearly as far as possible. Apply glue to the center row tabs. Position the cap tabs to align with the center row tabs. Apply pressure to aligning tabs until all five are securely joined.

NOTE: it may be necessary to align and press a couple of tab pairs at a time, then move on to other pairs, until all are secure.

EXPLANATION: Grapes can be glued (hot glued) together without using wire stems if desired. Wires provide adjust-ability and a more natural look.

10. Cut a length of florist wire 4-5" long for each grape in the cluster. Twist a curl at one end.

11. Cut a short strip of waste paper, fold it over the curl and glue in place to provide a larger glue-catch surface for when the wire is inserted into the hollow of the grape sphere.

12. Refer to step 9 to position bottom cap to join to center row, except apply glue to only four of the tabs.

Apply glue to the curl wrap bottom edges of the wire stem. Insert the curl end of the wire stem between the unglued tabs . . . 

then glue the tabs, moving the stem to one of the five-circle intersection gaps at either end of the final tab seam. 

Allow the wire glue to fully dry before joining grapes into cluster.

Here is one finished grape.

13. Select two grapes for the tip end of the cluster (probably small size for both), position roughly in relationship to each other as intended for the final cluster arrangement, and wrap the stem wires as shown.

14. Continue adding additional grapes, keeping the intended final cluster shape in mind.

15. When all grapes are connected by wires wrapping together, bend the combined stem back under the cluster. Trim away wires behind where the wraps are essential to hold the cluster together. (Cut too short and the cluster might disassemble itself.)

16. Layer the leaf front and contrast base with a wire stem sandwiched between the stem portion of the leaves.

17. Wrap the leaf wires similar to the grapes wrapping, then trim wires short. Insert ends into the back of the cluster and glue in place.

(The cluster in this shot is viewed from the underside.)

18. Adjust the leaves as desired, including slight bending of the wires in the stem areas.

19. For a realistic effect, consider obtaining, trimming to size, and inserting end into the interior of the cluster near the leaves connection, and gluing in place.

Here is the finished cluster.

There are many ways to use the grapes cluster.
It was originally designed specially to embellish
the chalice 3d communion cup, as shown here.

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  1. These grapes look so great! Thank you for all of the hard work you put into these!