Saturday, September 26, 2015

Candlestick 3d Box Assembly Tutorial

Stunningly elegant candlestick to create
from card stock paper that holds taper candle
or the stem of a chunkier candle style. 
Measures approx. 10" tall x 3.5" wide x 3.875" deep.
Hexagon stabilizing base can be left removable
to provide the flexibility to give this as a gift box.
Built in sections to allow easier finger-pressure
access during construction.
In the final steps, the sections slide together
to be glued in place for a sturdy decor piece.
Add other seasonal decorations -
such as a spooky medallion, dimensional holly leaves
or an autumn leaf cluster - 
to make it even more versatile and essential!

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A base (box bottom)
B section 1 bottom stem (6)
C section 2 mid bottom stem (6)
D section 3 upper stem (6)
E cup section (6)
F hollow hexagon 
G whole hexagon
H cup collar (6)

This diagram will help identify the shapes and their location in the final candlestick form from the layout above.

NOTE that the sections fit together in a stack, that is:

  • Section 1 fits over the box base
  • Section 2 fits over the top of section 1
  • Section 3 fits over the top of section 2
  • Cup section fits inside the top of section 3

Also note that the cup collar fits inside the cup assembly, and is inserted before the final side of the cup section is joined.

Hexagons attach to the bottom of the cup section as a "stop" for the inserted candle, to prevent it from sliding all the way down to the bottom of the candlestick.

2. Prepare the base by folding back on all perforations as shown.

3. Bend the sides upward to bring the straight edge to overlap the adjacent tab perforation line, and join. Complete all 6 seams.

4. Prepare each of the section 1 shapes by bending as shown:

bend bottom two horizontal lines back
bend third & fifth lines from bottom forward (valley fold)
bend fourth line back
bend side tabs back

5. Prepare section 2 shapes by bending:

lower horizontal line forward (valley fold)

upper horizontal line back

side tabs back

6. Prepare section 3 shapes by bending:

bottom two horizontal perf lines forward (valley)

top two perf lines back

side tab back

7. Prepare cup section as shown:
bottom tab back
next up line forward
next two lines back
side tabs back

8. Bring the bottom segments of two section 1 shapes to line up as shown, then overlap straight edge over tab, adjust so that perforation lines match, and glue in place. Wait until seam is secure, then proceed.

9. Continue to bend the two shapes' segments to bring the next strata edge and perf lines to line up, and glue seam . . . 

. . . then continue to work toward top until all edges are joined as shown.

10. Repeat the joining process to connect all 6 section 1 shapes into one panel, then complete one final seam to form section 1 into a tube with all segment seams complete.

11. Work in similar fashion as is shown for section 1 above, to align segments of section 2 and join seams.

Here is the completed first seam for section 2.

Continue to add/join additional section 2 shapes together until all six shapes are joined into one panel . . .

. . . then form panel into a tube as described for section 1 in step 10 and shown here for section 2. Join final seam.

12. Repeat the seaming process for section 3 shapes, first aligning and joining the segments from bottom to top as shown here, to first achieve one completed seam . . . 

. . . as shown here. 

Then continue to add . . . 

. . . additional sections in the same manner until all six are joined into a panel.

Form section 3 into a tube to join final seam.

13. Follow the same process for the cup section by aligning and joining segment straight edges and tab perf lines, then working upward to complete the entire seam.

NOTE that the bottom short segment for the cup section bends outward slighty.

Continue to join segments to the assembly until all six are joined into one panel.

WAIT to complete the final cup section seam (see step 15 below).

14. Prepare the cup collar assembly in a similar fashion. First, bend the top segments back, side tabs back.

Bring lower segment straight edge to overlap at corresponding tab perf line, adjust and join. 

Repeat for the top segment edge and tab.

Continue to join collar sections in similar fashion to other sections until all six are joined, then  . . . 

. . . form into a tube to complete the final seam.

15. Splay the cup section to open the uncompleted side seam, insert the collar assembly into the interior of the cup . . .

. . . rotate the collar so that the top segment surfaces align under the top facets of the cup section.

Bring the cup section edges and tab perf lines together and complete the final side seam.

Nudge the collar down slightly to open a space to insert glue between, then . . . 

. . . insert finger through cup bottom to push collar into its snug position to join upper edges.

(This is a patient process, where continual adjustment of pressure may be necessary until the glue grabs well on all sections.)

16. On the bottom of the cup section, bend the tabs inward.

17. Apply glue to the tabs, then position the hollow hexagon over the tabs, adjust so that section and hexagon outer edges line up, and apply pressure with fingertip inside cup opening until each section and hex surfaces are secure.

(This is also a patient process that may involve rotating to apply pressure around the ring while adjusting to "square up" edges appropriately.)

18. Position and attach the whole hexagon in place over bottom cup end.

19. Assemble the candlestick by inserting the box base into the bottom of section 1.

(If you intend to maintain the candlestick as a "box", do not glue the edges that touch; otherwise, apply glue before insertion - here and throughout the assembly process.)

Insert the top stem of section 1 into the bottom tube of section 2.

Insert the top "bulb" of section 2 into the bottom flare of section 3.

Insert the cup section into the top flare of section 3.

Here is the completed and assembled candlestick.


  1. i made this tonight and I love it! You are amazing Jodi!

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