Sunday, September 20, 2015

Halloween Count Down Spin Wheel

Extra large, two layer panel with top hang hole
has a "window" that shows the days until Halloween
(or October's date) as a count off.
Vintage pumpkin in witch hat is created by
layering base "flesh" (cream) colored
with black and orange layers on top.
Numbers are mounted on finger-notched inner wheel.
Brad fastener joins layers.
Finished size measures 15.5" wide x 14" tall
(panels are cut and joined to size; 12x12 mat required).

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A plaque base (four shapes that combine)
B accent plaque (four shapes that combine)
C script poem words
D top hanger reinforcements
E wheel
F wheel reinforcement build up (2)
G numbers 1 thru 30

Also cut the pumpkin decoration shapes.

Hat has a "flesh" beige or taupe layer, black layer, orange buckle shapes (3)

Pumpkin has a "flesh" beige or taupe layer, black layer, orange front layer that includes a small separate shape along the bottom edge.

2. Prepare the base and base accent plaque shapes to join. The edges of each that come together do not line up but are intended to provide a glue-up non-match for better strength and assembling.

One way to accomplish the layering is to use "removable" tape or equivalent to connect the two plaque assemblies. Attach tape to the front  of the accent plaque, and the back of the base plaque.

3. Apply a thorough application of adhesive to the accent plaque backside, then position, centered, over the base plaque. 

There will be a narrow offset margin all around the accent plaque.

4. Assemble the two reinforcing hanger shapes into one unit. NOTE that the hanger is flipped or reversed so that the face side will be visibly on the back side of the project.

5. Position and attach the hanger at the top back side of the plaque base shape.

6. Attach the two "build up" reinforcement shapes on the front side of the wheel shape.

These circles will provide a spacing buffer between the plaque and the wheel so that the spinning action will not scrape the numbers and potentially pop them off.

7. Position the wheel assembly behind the plaque assembly and line up the center punch holes.

Insert and attach a brad through the punch hole.

NOTE that the brad will be covered by the pumpkin decoration, and may fall near the hat/pumpkin "seam". Use the smallest profile brad that will be strong enough to keep the layers attached.

8. Position and attach the pumpkin head layers, lining up the beige and black layers exactly. Attach the orange layer with the center top edges lined up. The other edges may offset to provide the shadow of the design.

Position and attach the separate orange lower shape, lining up the mouth opening edges along the top, and leaving gaps at edges.

9. Position and attach the black hat layer over the beige base layer, with all outer edges lined up.

Position and attach the hat band left and right sections. NOTE that band ends will match up with hat edges to help with positioning. Center and attach the buckle between.

10. Make a "dry run" to see where the pumpkin shape(s) and the poem phrase word cutouts will be positioned on the plaque front. Once adjusted, glue in place.

Here, I have used the phrase cutout arrangement (I kept the arrangement shown when the cut file opens to cut the words, then saved the "waste" shape as a positioning guide) to allow me to  see where the word edges will fall, adjust as needed, then position the pumpkin accordingly.

(NOTE that the "begins?" word shape remains to be placed to the upper right of the hat.)

11. Prepare to position and attach the numbers onto the wheel, through the "window" opening.

First, place ringer tip into one of the wheel edge notches and turn the wheel to the lowest possible position where the window lower edge extension acts as the "stop".

Hold that position without moving . . . 

. . . then position and attach the first number.

The sample will be a "count down the days until Halloween, as the verse suggests. For this arrangement, "30" is the first number.

As an alternate arrangement, October's date can be counted off by placing the "1" as the first number.

12. Next, place fingertip in the next highest notch on the wheel . . . 

. . . once again, turn the wheel to the lowest position that the finger-in-the-notch will allow.

Hold that position without movement . . . 

. . . then position and attach the next number.

For the "count down" to Halloween arrangement, this second number is "29".

For the October date arrangement, this second number would be "2".

Continue the process of turning wheel, holding position, attaching next number until all 30 number shapes are in place.

Attach hanging ribbon, and be ready for
a super fun wait until Halloween!


  1. coucou!
    je viens d'achever le calendrier, c'est magnifique, simple à réaliser que du bonheur!
    mon petit fils Noah va être ravi, merci pour les belles créations


    1. Patine, (sorry for English here) If you have an idea how to translate the "how many days" sentiment into French, I could try to reconfigure that part for you and send it to you as svg file gratis.

    2. vous êtes vraiment A DO RA BLE cela me ferais super plaisir mais je ne voudrais pas vous ennuyer j'aimerais tellement à mon tour vous faire plaisir, afin de vous montrer à quel point je suis admirative de votre talent de votre competence et de votre gentillesse!
      bien à vous agréable fin de semaine

      you are so sweet it'd really happy but I do not want to bore you so I want my turn to please you, to show you how appreciative I am of your talent your competence and your kindness!
      good to you nice weekend merci merci merci

    3. It would not bore me. I would consider it fun. Je me demands si nous pouvrais le faire, c'est a dire, puis-je trouver les mots qui le dire assez bien et a le meme temp assez coupe. Cella vien ma fait plaisir si vous m'aider de trouve les mots qui veut dire "How many days. . .'til Halloween begins?"

    4. Patine, ce marche?
      Citrouilles grin et la sorcière danses. Combien de jours 'til Halloween commence?

    5. Ou peutetre, ceci:
      Citrouilles grin et la sorcière danses. Combien de jours jusq' Halloween commence?

    6. Mais, bien sur, vous avez déjà écrit que vous avez fini de faire cela, à droite?

    7. bonjour,
      oui, j'ai déjà fais le projet ! ne voous donnez pas cette peine ! mais si nous devions traduire se serait :
      "les sorcieres dansent et la citrouille ricane
      combien de jours avant halloween ? "
      voilà je pense que c'est une traduction fidèle

      merci tout plein

  2. Loved this and how easy it was to put together!! Thank you. I am going to make another one for my nieces now