Sunday, September 13, 2015

Halloween Decked-Out Wreath

How to know when to stop?
When there is not a single spot left
to attach another decoration!!
Sometimes I refer to my wreath projects
as closet-cleanout crafts: I get to use so many fun things
that I knew I should save, just in case.
For this visually exciting and choc-full wreath, 
there are lots of paper scallop layered flowers
with glued-on centers of covered buttons, bead trios,
sparkle buttons and other baubles.

A 3d slice-form spider lurks near bottom with eyes wide.

Spooky greeting frame "Ghoultide Cheer" anchors left side.
 Ring-jointed skeleton design (this time with stamped
messages and designs on bones, 
thanks to Pink & Main's "Planning Fall" set)
waves a ghoulish hello.
(Find a separate tutorial for the skeleton here.)

Any wreath like this is unique,
so I'll just share some of the things that fill it up.

Here are the many elements 
and materials pre-assembled, 
but before attached to the wreath base.

The Ghoutide Cheer Wreath design set is available for purchase and download from SVG Attic (or soon will be available), which includes the skeleton, plaque, spider, and scalloped flower elements.

If you have purchased the main designs separately through Silhouette America or, you can obtain the scalloped circles set as free download at . Design title: Scalloped Set plus Circle Garland Shapes

Use fold-over circle shapes and a doubled length of twine or ribbon to create a mini-garland. See it in the image above before placed on the wreath, or at right, in place.

Use the simple circles, assembled in a trio as a sort of "flower" base for one of the other smaller flower petal shapes.

Cut various scalloped circle shapes from your fun collection of Halloween or orange, black, cream, brown papers and assemble into flowers with buttons as centers.

The right flower shown here has a burlap middle petals layer. Use one of the shapes as a template to cut out ribbon, burlap, fabric, or other fun textures.

Here is an example of layered shapes, with a fabric covered button form as the center.

This flower has bottom and mid flowers that are "flat", and a top scalloped circle that was formed into a cone to hold the three-bead center.

To create a modest cone, scissors-cut from one side of the paper scalloped circle, between two scallops, into the center. Bend and slide the cut edges to overlap to form the cone, then glue the edges together and hold until secure.

Check out the original tutorial for the wreath project
before the skeleton and Ghoultide Cheer plaque were added
at this LINK.

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  1. Oh WOW! Look at all of those details! Your mind must constantly be going thinking of everything to create :)