Friday, September 4, 2015

Witch 3d Miniature Hat

Great prop for Halloween this hat goes together like magic. 
Sized to fit the "witch 3d figure". 
Sawtooth shaped edge plus accent top rim shape add style. 
Two-part decorative buckle for hat band. 
Use as a festive placecard, or place setting topper
at your Halloween feast.

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A crown
B band
C buckle base and top accent
D brim base
E brim accent ring (top)
F under brim shape (re-cut as orange)

2. Prepare the pointed crown by bending back on all vertical angled perforation lines, bending bottom tabs outward.

3. Form the crown into a cone shape to bring the straight side edge to overlap the tab at perforation line. Glue edge to tab . . . 

. . . taking care to make sure that the edge and perf line match up all the way to the point.

4. Insert the crown through the brim hex opening from the bottom, and slide completely into place with the hex edges seated exactly at the crown bottom tab perforation lines.

5. Glue the tabs in place to the underside of the crown.

Place assembly on a flat surface to apply pressure all around to achieve a complete and secure seam.

6. Position the brim accent shape over the top of the brim, adjust to line up edges exactly, then glue in place.

7. Prepare buckle by layering accent shape over base, lining up edges that correspond, and gluing togethr.

8. Prepare the band shape by bending back on all perforation lines.

9. Thread the band through the buckle as shown, then slide buckle along the band to the "center front" position.

10. Bring the band ends together to overlap the straight edge to end tab perforation line, and glue edge to tab.

11. Slide the band assembly over the crown point (match selected crown front with buckle front) and downward until it is snug. Apply glue between band and crown at 2 or 3 strategic positions, then apply pressure as needed to secure.

12. Position the underbrim circle on the hat bottom, center, so that circle opening lines up with centers of hex perforation lines and covers most of the hex opening.

Glue in place.

For the witch figure variation, position and attach hat on head.

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