Saturday, September 19, 2015

Happy Halloween Twisted Easel Card

Send Halloween greetings with this square card
that features a layered medallion on the front.
Bend and "twist" to fold the card on it's base's
diagonal perforation line to display the card front
which will "stop" at the layered tag
that is hole-punched for mini brads.
(Add your own penned or stamped seniment
and other embellishments as you fancy.)

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A card base (note: sample cardstock reverse side is violet)
B card front panel
C card front accent panel
D medallion layers
E medallion decoration
F inside "stop" plaque layers

NOT SHOWN: prong cover (see step 13)

2. Fold the card base in half at the vertical perforation half line. 

3. Also fold along the diagonal perforation line as a "mountain" fold as seen from the face side.

4. Attach the accent panel to the front panel, centered so that narrow offset margin of back panel is visible all around.

5. Do a "dry run" to test where the panel will attach to the folded card base. 

Front panel and card base lower left corners and the two converging sides to that corner will have edges match up as shown.

The top of the card will be at the upper right corner of the image.

6. Apply adhesive to the front lower triangle ONLY, as shown . . . 

. . . then position the front panel assembly and attach, taking care to align and match up the two edges and corner as described in step 4 above.

In other words, when "flat", the card will be a side fold card, with the fold on the left.

7. Assemble the medallion with the base saw tooth circle, orange main circle, plain center circle layered and centered. Attach the ring with outer edges matching up with the center circle edges.

8. Arrange and attach the accent detail shapes on the card (31, Happy, Halloween, bats) as shown in the next image.

9. Center and attach the medallion onto the card front, taking care that the TOP orientation of the medallion matches up to the TOP of the card front.

You might consider attaching the circle with foam squares for added dimension.

10. Layer the two stop plaque shapes, centered, and with punch holes lined up.

11. Add foam squares to the center back side. This dimension of the plaque will help the easel function of the finished card.

12. Position the finished plaque on the inside of the card, matching up the punch holes. Apply a little glue to the plaque back side around the punch holes, then position and attach. Insert tiny brad fasteners.

13. To cover the brad prongs on the back, position and glue the prong cover in place.

Here is the completed card.

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