Friday, April 8, 2016

SPRING Dimensional Swag Assembly

The dimensional paper craft designs used to create
this very busy seasonal swag  have been
combined (soon) into a set from SVG Attic.
Six main 'objects' 6 include: 3d watering can with daisy,
layered flags with layered collegiate letters,
3d tulips, 3d strawberries, sliceform umbrella with
layered raindrops on a clear carrrier,
3d nest 'bowl'.

With this huge scope for creativity,
each crafter's rendition will be individualized
and unique.
General descriptions about these designs,
how they were used in this original swag model,
with links to tutorials when available (or similar proj tuts)
will be provided here.
Embellishments and additions such as swag ribbons
that hold the banners, and 'dangler' ribbons/twine
will be identified. Each creator will then be prepared
to substitute specifics according to your own imagination.

Two styles of flags can be alternated to hold
the six layered collegiate style letter
that spell out 'SPRING'.
Model uses the same flag base (dark brown)
and face (pale yellow).
Two hole punches at the tops of flag layers
will allow for a length of jute to string the letters
together, providing a foundation to which
the other objects can be attached.
Across the top, multiple lengths of coordinated color
ribbons and beads of varied widths and textures are
bundled and tied between the flags with shorter
cut lengths of ribbons or twine.
Additional ribbon lengths are tied at swag ends
for extra accent and to hold the tulip and strawberries
along with jute ends that have been 'curled' 
(wrap damp jute around a narrow dowel or
thick knitting needle and allow to dry).

One tulip (cup form) and a pair of slice-form strawberries
dangle at swag ends.
STRAWBERRIES: 6 main sections and leaf units are folded 
at center perforations. Main sections are joined by halves
back to back all around, with contrast shape between to provide
show-thru for pip cutouts. Then, leaf units are glued in between
at top matching edges. 
For more information view a tutorial for a similar slice form here.
Prepare strawberries for dangling by inserting a length of twine
or green floral wire, long enough to be tied at swag ends
where extra ribbon can attach them.
3D TULIP: One tulip with two blossom sections (3 part and 4 part)
with calyx petals base cup, and two leaves are prepared
and glued or wrapped onto a length of heavy gauge floral wire
in place of the stem in the file. Then the ends are tied with
a length of jute string and collected in the swag ends bundling.
View a tulip assembly guide here.

A pair of cans, one facing left and one right, are prepared
with accent brads at top handle ends,
including daisy/layered button centers.
Find assembly details for the watering can here

Flat-backed umbrella is a slice form design
with two-layered raindrops which are
attached with mini eyelets to a clear (acetate)
carrier which is glued to umbrella backside.
UMBRELLA: cut 6 front slice form sections which
are bent face-to-face (valley fold) at center perforations,
then joined in a sequence half-to-half. Front assembly
is joined to the flat back section which has
contrast handle in place. To assist this somewhat "floppy"
umbrella keep its form, a 3/16" or so diam. bead is glued
next to the perforation folds about 1/3 of the way down
from top. Two punch holes on back shape
will line up with the attached clear 'carrier' for hanging
and attaching to the swag ribbon.
RAINDROPS: layer three show-thru contrast base shapes
with three front (includes highlight cutout) shapes.
CLEAR CARRIER: cut from clear acetate (available
from copy store, known as overhead projector sheets,
or from some scrapbooking outlets). Attach raindrops with
accent mini eyelets through aligned punch holes.
Glue or attach with 'dry' adhesive to the back flat side
of the umbrella, aligning upper edges and punch holes
for hanging.

3D NEST BOWL: Six petal-shaped sides
attach to the hexagon base, then are joined together
with side seam tabs.
Inside the nest, a 3" (approx.) twig wreath with
spanish moss beneath holds three painted wooden eggs.
The wreath used in this model is Darice 3" grapevine
which may be available from craft stores or sections of
big box stores.
To attach the nest bowl, a length of netting was folded
to layer it, with ends gathered and tied with green narrow
grosgrain ribbon approx. 1" from ends, then tied
to the swag ribbons.

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