Sunday, April 3, 2016

Teddy Bear Double Bi Fold A7 Card

Double side panels 
(with two offset accent rectangles on each) 
fold in to meet at the center 
of this (approx.) 5"x7" dimensional card. 
Square "on point" medallion at center frames 
a cute teddy torso. 
Inside, a layered accent center panel holds 
the greeting "teddy bear hugs!". 
Punch holes in square medallion, 
side panels allow for narrow ribbon or twine 
to be inserted to tie the card "closed". 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
Right & Left card base sections
A inside center panel  B front panels (4)
C inside side panels (2)
D medallion base (opt. contrast base not shown)
E medallion frame
F bear body base with ear contrast insets
G bear head with nose   H eyes
I cheek scallop circles   J smile contrast underlay
K dimensional bow tie with knot
L inner accent shape   M stencil words contrast
N word cut
2. Prepare the base shapes by bending as shown
( first perforation line in from outer edge as mountain;
other perf lines on right base as valley folds.)
3. Position the inner edge of the LEFT panel over
the tab/flange on the side edge of the RIGHT panel,
adjust for alignment top and bottom,
then glue in place.
4. Position the accent panels onto their base
sections, with appropriate offsets around or
between, and glue in place.
Take care that punch hole cut outs
of right side panels correspond to
base punch holes.
NOTE that the medallion base remains
above the inner side panel.
5. Position the mouth contrast shape behind
the mouth cut out, and glue in place.
6. Position the head shape onto the base,
align corresponding edges, and glue in place.
7. Position and attach eye shapes into the eye 
socket recesses.
Position and attach inner ear accents, nose.
8. Position and attach optional cheek shapes.
9. Position bear unit into the medallion frame,
with the bottom side edges underneath the frame
and ears/head on top.
This is how the positioning of head
will look from the backside.
10. Prepare the dimensional bow tie by bending
back the side sections to overlap the backside
tabs and glue in place.
11. Position and attach the contrast "knot" oval 
onto the center.
12. Position and attach the bow tie below teddy's chin.
(If using the optional contrast inner medallion
square, position and attach to the backside of
the frame/head unit at this stage of assembly.)

13. Position frame unit over the medallion base
center, and glue in place.
NOTE that the base square punch holes
should be on the right side (as viewed) as indicated.
14. Position and attach the medallion over the
base medallion base shape, taking care to
align corresponding cut edges and punch holes.
15. Prepare inside accent shape by
positioning contrast shape behind the stencil
words cutout area.
16. Position and attach the "bear hugs"
panel on the center of the back panel.
Position and attach the word cut.
17. Thread a length of narrow ribbon or twine, etc.
through the right panel punch holes as shown.
If desired, add a dab of glue on the panel backside
to secure the ribbon in place.
Here is the finished double bi-fold card.
Fold the card sides inward with medallion
remaining on top,
thread ribbon ends through medallion 
punch holes and tie into a bow.

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