Sunday, April 3, 2016

Teddy Bear Jointed Gift Card Holder

Assembled bear measures approx. 7.125" wide x 9" tall.  
"Stuffy" friend has button-joint arms and legs. 
Pull his slider head upward from his body to reveal 
a compartment for a standard gift card (3.375'" L x 2.125" W). 
Arms and legs are layered for dimension also.

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes.
A body back   B body front   C body build up shapes (5)
D head slider back   E slider build up shapes (3)
F front head with eyes   G back head    
H ear contrast shapes
I muzzle (3 graduated size shapes)
J nose and nose contrast underlay
K & L left & right arm layers (6 each)
M & N left & right leg layers (6 each)
O optional button join back anchor (12)
P buttons for joints
2. Prepare the body by layering the build up shapes
one by one into one thick unit, taking care as
each is added to the stack that ALL edges are
as accurately lined up as possible.
(Do this for all stacked shapes in this design.)
If using liquid glue, consider using a flat weight 
placed on top of the assembly layers to help flatten
during the drying process.
3. Attach the body build up stack to the backside of
the body back, and the body front.
4. Prepare the head slider by aligning and layering 
the three build up shapes . . .
. . . then position and attach the head front,
taking care as always to accurately line up
all edges that correspond.
(Eyes appear to be in place in this image
but should not be yet.)
5. Position the ear contrast shapes into the
ear recesses and glue in place.
6. Position, align edges, and attach build up
with head to the slider back shape.

7. Position and attach the head back shape
to the back of the slider assembly.
8. Prepare the muzzle unit by centering
and layering each of the shapes, 
largest on bottom, smallest on top.
9. Prepare nose by layering shapes, then position
and attach at center top of muzzle.
10. Position and attach muzzle assembly
at head front center, with bottom edge just above
the bottom edge of head front.
Also position eye shapes into the eye socket
recesses, and glue in place.
12. Prepare left & right arm units by
layering, aligning all edges and punch holes,
and gluing - one by one - all 6 shapes for each.
13. Prepare left & right leg units in the
same manner.
14. Prepare the optional back joint anchor
paper "buttons" by layering three of the button
(NOTE: these anchors will NOT be needed
if you choose to use real flat buttons or beads, etc.
for the backside anchors.)
15. Attach the limbs to the body unit as follows:
Thread a length of twine through button anchor
(or alternative) and through body from front to back.
Thread twine through appropriate limb
(here it is the right leg),
then through the button holes.
(NOTE that since the button being used in this
sample has four holes, the twine is threaded
through ALL holes at this stage.)
Thread the twine end back through the leg,
through the body (pull all excess length taut)  . . .
. . . through the backside anchor button.
Tie the twine ends securely (square knot),
and trim ends.
Here is how it will look from the front.
Repeat the process to attach the remaining limbs.
16. To assembly the bear, insert the slider end
into the cavity created by the body build up layers . . .
. . . then push it down . . .
. . . until it is completely closed.
To hide the gift card, pull the slider upward
and place into the recess, then push the
slider back into closed position.
Tie a length of ribbon around teddy's head
to conceal the slider/body seam.

Here is the completed teddy hidden gift card holder.

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