Friday, May 25, 2018

Congrats Grad Accordion Money Pocket Card

 This four-panel accordion card has "Grad" word cut 
and offset with mortar board hat shapes, 
accent panel on card front, bottom strip money pocket 
 attached behind on front interior panel. 
"Congrats" word cut panel is attached to 
offset interior back panel, with top-flange tab back panel 
that attaches behind Congrats panel. 
Unique and full of interest, this card makes 
gift giving extra easy. 
Card measures approx. 5x7 when accordion-folded. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main card front with inner front panel
B front accent panel
C "Grad" word cut with offset for word and hat
D grad cap shape
E money pocket
F interior front panel base (includes offset of "congrats")
G interior front panel overlay (includes "congrats")
H message panel    I card back panel with top flange
2. Prepare the card front by bending back along
horizontal center perforation line.
3. Position and attach the shaped accent 
front panel onto card front (lower half)
4. Position and attach the "Grad" word cut onto
the offset shape with hat. Then position and attach
this assembly onto card front accent.
5. Prepare the money holder panel by bending
back on all perforation lines.
6. Fold the "pocket" lower panel 
upward into position, with side tabs folded inward . . . 
. . . tuck side tabs between layers and glue in place
to opposite panel backside only.
7. Position money pocket as shown on the back
portion of main front panel, with the pocket fold
parallel to the long cut edge, centered.
8. Prepare the "congrats" base panel by
bending forward along flange tab perforation line.
Layer the "congrats" accent panel over the front
of the base panel, with side edges matched,
and with the upper corners aligned as indicated
by the pointing finger.
9. Position and attach the message panel
onto the assembly as shown.
10. Position the bottom of the front two-panel
assembly over the flange on the bottom of
the "congrats" panel assembly, adjust for
side-to-side alignment and glue overlapping
surfaces together.
11. Prepare the back panel by bending back
the top flange tab on the perforation line.
12. Position the back panel onto the backside
of the "congrats" panel assembly, and align
into position so that the top perf fold ends
are positioned even with the "corners" at ends
(see step 8 where pointing finger indicates corners),
and glue flange in position.
13. Position and attach a brad button accent
(or stud) at the grad cap punch hole,
and bend brad prongs back behind hat.
14. Position the grad cap either exactly over
the corresponding cap outline on word cut offset,
OR offset slightly, and glue in place.
The card assembly is complete.
Insert paper cash gift in the money panel
as shown.
Here the completed four-panel layout is shown.
Fold in accordion style as shown to fit into
a 5x7 envelope for mailing or giving.
Add additional studs and embellishments
as desired.

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