Sunday, May 27, 2018

Faux Cupcakes Pair Large and Small

Two projects are separate designs.
Fourteen scallop segments form the cup 
with bottom platform in two sizes:
jumbo size will hold a bath time netting scrubber puff 
for a fun, personal gift;
regular size will hold a regular cupcake treat
or a serge-edged wash cloth 
rolled into the shape of a frosted cake.
Fold-over banners in two shapes, each with offset accents 
and "splash!" or "relax"word cut to attach to 
a plastic "stir stick" or bamboo skewer (painted) pole.
A pair or trio of mini brads (plus glue) holds the end 
overlapping segments together, and alternating mini tabs 
around bottom platform connect inside 
bottom edge of formed cup. 
Large measures approx. with 3" diameter base, 
2.375 wall height, 4.5" diameter width at cup upper edge. 
Modify size to hold jumbo muffins or cupcakes if desired. 
Small measures 1.75" diameter base with 
2" tall sides, 3.375" diameter width 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A jumbo cupcake cup main shape with attached bottom
B flag front/back base with front accent, "splash!"
C regular cupcake cup main shape
D flag front/back base with front accent, "relax"
Also included in this image are plastic stir stick post,
nylon mesh puff scrubber, washcloth for faux cake
2. Follow this LINK to view a previously post
for assembly images and description for creating
the cupcake cups.
Then return here for a more finishing information.
3. Each of the flags for the Pair being assembled
in this post has a different flag style - they are interchangeable.
Included on the shapes are small dash marks
that will help with aligning the inward edge of front
(and optional back) interior accent shape.
They also provide demarcation for the center area
where the flag shapes can have a bit of pre-shaping
 inward "curl". Add curl by holding the flag shape center 
firmly against a rod-shaped tool such as a narrow pencil
of a metal knitting needle, and applying pressure
with thumb or fingers as the shape is slid across
the rod tool, sort of like curling ribbon.
4. Position and attach the accent flag overlay
on the flag front (and optional back as desired)
using the dash marks to align the back straight edge,
and keeping an even-spaced margin all around
other edges.
 5. Position and attach the "relax" (or splash!)
word cut onto flag front.
6. Wrap the center of flag around post
and glue in place while gluing flag layers together
with edges aligned.
 7. Shown here is one good choice for the faux cake
washcloth that will work well for the regular size
rolled cloth cake/icing for the faux cake.
The pointing finger indicates the non-rolled - 
that is, serge overcast edge.
8. Return to the previous post at this LINK
and scroll to the end section to learn about
folding and rolling the cloth to create the faux cake,
and also about inserting the flag stick.
Finished projects, ready to be cellophane-packaged
(or otherwise presented) for a fun bath-time gift.

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