Thursday, May 10, 2018

Flower Urn Bouquet Impossible Card

Hexagon flowers with center and overlay petal pairs, 
daisy flowers with overlays and centers, berry frond flowers 
tumble out of a graceful urn with separate rim and stem 
overlays sits on the stand-up center panel of 
this this pop-up card that has a base that is surprisingly cut 
from a single panel. 
Heart accent has two-punch holes for twine tie embellishment.
Pattern paper shapes can be added onto base, 
slightly offset inside card base edges. 
Two-part embellishment cards bridge the gaps 
on front and back portions and can hold stickers, 
stamped sentiments, and other flat embellishments. 
Or, use the Mother I Love You Banner Tags or 
Teacher Thank You Banner Tags designs in place 
of cards to convert this into a Mother's Day or 
teacher appreciation card. 
Card with Urn fits into a specially-sized 
"Arch Pocket Envelope Ribbon Tied" design. 
Base measures approx. 5x7". 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main card base
NOTE: use front and back matched paper
so that the "twist" will NOT be noticeable
B & C 'L' shaped accent panels
D pop-up backside accent 
(not shown: second accent backside panel)
E urn base   F flowers background silhouette*
*final shape has been modified to be minus bottom
G urn and rim, center band accents
H flowers: 3 hex shapes with ctrs, hex pairs;
daisy base, overlays and single petals, centers;
berry fronds and berry circles left & right
I heart button
Not shown: rectangular gap bridge panel pairs
(see step 8)
J, K & L: optional gap-bridge tags, word cuts, banner
Optional sleeve-style envelope:
front and back (with bottom side flange tabs,
larger daisy units, petals & centers, heart button
2. Prepare the card base by bending upward
along horizontal center perforation.
NOTE that the base as shown is FRONT downward.
3. Prepare the "impossible" pop-up part of this card
by taking left half and rotating the narrower front
edge upward while at the same time rotating the
wider back edge downward . . . 
. . . and continue the rotation until the narrow edge
lines up with the "top" (card back) edge,
and the longer edge lines up with the "bottom
(card front) edge. The pop-up center rectangle
will be standing perpendicular at this point.
 4. Place the rotated card base flat on work surface,
lay the pop-up panel back and crease along 
the crease half of center seam.
5. Verify that the FRONT of the card is forward
before decorating!
The center panel should fold back on perforation
from front of card in the most resistant direction
which will help keep the center panel upright when card
is "open", as indicated by the arrow.
6. Position and attach the offset 'L' shaped accent
panels onto the flat card base portions.
7. Prepare the accent back panels by layering
the two panels if desired. (Shown here: single
'center' offset panel only.)
Position and attach the back panel on the backside
 of the pop-up panel.
8. Layer the gap-bridge rounded rectangle panels.
Position one panel assembly over the front gap,
center side to side over the gap and top to bottom
between front of card and pop-up perforation.
Repeat to position second panel assembly
on the back portion of the card.
9. Cut and prepare the shapes from "Mother I Love You
Banner Tags" design (or "Teacher Thank You" design)
as substitutes for the regular rectangular panel assemblies.
Tie twine through banner punch holes.
Layer oval tag under banner with "Mother" word cut
on top, adjust and secure all shapes into one unit.
 Position the banner unit centered over the card's
front gap, and attach in place.
10. Prepare the scalloped oval tag unit for back gap
by layering plain oval and attaching.
Position and attach the "I love you" word cuts -
use the positioning guide positioned at bottom
of plain oval, then . . . 
. . . hold in place and position, mark bottom edges
of word shapes by tracing pencil lightly over
appropriate upper edge of guide.
Remove guide, position, glue shapes in place.
11. Position and attach the flower background
shape onto the bottom of the bouquet base,
aligning the side curve and rim edges that
NOTE that the background shape has been
modified from the full-length shape shown here.
12. Position and attach the urn main shape onto
the bottom of the bouquet base assembly, then . . .
. . . position and attach the rim and band accent shapes.
13. Prepare the bouquet elements.
A. Position and attach the hexagon centers
onto two of the plain hexagon flowers (with 
side edges of center hex parallel with the
two side edges of the flower shape as shown).
B. Position and attach the hex pair fused shapes
onto opposite sides of the final hex base.
C. Position and attach the flower into the center space.
D. Prepare daisy flower shapes.
Position and attach separate petals onto
double and single daisy bases in positions shown.
E. Position centers onto bases to cover
individual petal inner points.
F. Position and attach single daisy assembly
onto double daisy assembly, matching
the edge shapes that correspond.
15. Assemble the bouquet by positioning the frond stems 
on each side of center offset within the 
base edges as shown.
Position and attach trio of berry circles
under the stem's arch.
16. Position the hexagon flowers onto the base 
within offset edges at top center and sides. 
17. Position and attach the daisy assembly at center.
18. Tie twine through heart button punches.
Position and attach at urn center.
19. Position the urn on top of the pop-up center panel
with the bottom edge just above the card base crease,
and attach the edges of urn and pop-up panel that touch.
Here is the assembled card viewed from front,
and . . . 
. . . viewed from the back.
The assembled card fits inside the specialty
coordinated sleeve envelope design.
The larger daisy decoration and heart are prepared
and attached in the same manner as for
those of card bouquet, steps 13 & 18.


  1. I bought your Urn Bouquet impossible Card from the Silhouette Store and when I brought in into Sil program all the files aren't there, missing the ovals the pieces for the both the base and the sentiments Pieces.I'm trying to get this made tonight my email is Thanks for your help Jocelan

  2. This is an issue with Silhouette America. I am sorry that it has caused you trouble. Immediately when we realized that the WRONG thumbnail had been posted with the cut file in the Silh America online store, we have repeatedly asked them to replace the thumbnail which shows the card WITHOUT the ovals and banner shapes, which are part of a separate design. You can purchase those designs to complete the card. If you are desparate, please email me and I will send the separate shapes to you directly. Please keep in mind that at the most, Silhouette pays me 25 cents for the design you downloaded. Hope you can limit your anger toward me to 25-cents worth. My email: hearthsewnpatterns(at)yahoo(dot)com