Monday, May 21, 2018

Summer Fun Ornaments for 3D Tree Display

A dozen small-scale ornaments to carry
the celebration through the summer months
as they are hung in rows on the arms of
the 3D Ornament Tree Display.
Mix and match favorites in varied color combinations,
or make one of each to fill the 12 spots on the tree.
Ornaments can also double as gift tags,
invitations for warm weather events,
scrapbook pages (omit the offset base with punch holes).
Decorate the top of the Ornament Tree with
the half-flower (shown above) or the sunburst finial, 
or with no decoration.
(See the tutorial for Tree design Here.)
Following is a description of each of the ornament designs
to help understand how to assemble them.
Follow THIS LINK (see Step 4) to learn more about
attaching twine hanger to ornaments.

1. Layer or assemble eye pupils onto eye whites; 
antennae partial head under mail long body shape.
2. Layer bottom wing lobe accent over interior shape.
3. Position and attach upper wing main shape to full body shape, 
interior shapes and dots.
4. Position and attach lower wing accents onto body
assembly under upper wing.
5. Layer and attach body over center
of wing assembly matching edges that should align.
6. Attach butterfly assembly onto ornament base
with offset margins at edges as shown.

1. Layer contrast circle under smallest
circle with seed cutouts.
2. Layer circles bottom to top:
 largest (dark green rind)
next lighter green (rind interior)
next transitional flesh (pink)
smallest/top (bright red)
3. Position watermelon disc onto
scalloped ornament base and attach.

1. Position and attach leaf overlay onto leaf base shape.
2. Position and attach the two petal shapes so that
the petals offset to fill in gaps all around.
3. Layer and attach the contrast circle under
the flower center circle.
4. Attach the leaf unit to the ornament base
with even offset margins at outer edges, then
attach flower overlapping leaf,
then center of flower.
1. Position and attach contrast show-thru
sprinkler shape under  the "chocolate" overlay
top shape.
2. Position overlay over top of ice cream main shape.
3. Position ice cream assembly onto "stick" shape.
4. Position and attach ice cream/stick assembly
onto ornament base shape with offset margin
even all around.
1. Position and attach rays overlay outline shape
onto rays base shape.
2. Position and attach center circle onto rays
assembly, then position and attach to
ornament base with offset margin even all around.

1. Position upper "ice pop" shape onto corresponding
portion of "stick" base shape.
2. Layer the narrow pop shapes (middle violet) 
each onto the left edge
of each main inlay pop shape (darkest violet).
3. Insert the inlay assemblies into
the hollows of the main ice pop shape
and glue in place.
4. Position and attach the ice pop assembly
onto the main ornament base with even offset
margin all around.

1. Layer and attach basket shapes:
largest (half octagon) on bottom,
cut diamond shape next,
rectangle side panel with button inlays.
2. Position and attach basket assembly
onto lower portion of whole basket silhouette
with handle.
3. Position and attach basket rim onto assembly.
4. Layer cloth shapes with 'T' marked shape on top,
with upper curved edges matched up,
and attach surfaces that touch.
5. Slot the cloth assembly shape behind
handle and slide down slightly into position
as shown and glue in place.
6. Position basket unit onto ornament main base
and attach with even offset margin all around.
1. Layer handle end and shovel end accents
onto main shovel shape.
2. Layer hinge circle underlay with
star cut out circle.
3. Layer handle overlay onto handle main shape.
4. Layer lower bucket shape over largest bucket
(includes interior reveal at top) shape,
then position and attach bucket rim.
5. Position bucket unit onto ornament base
with offset margin as shown at appropriate edges.
6. Position and attach handle, hinge overlay unit,

1. Position and attach plain circle background
to scalloped ornament main shape,
matching up the punch holes of each.
2. Position and attach contrast "highlight"
underlay behind the punch holes of
glasses (dark) lenses shape.
3. Position and attach the lenses assembly
behind the frame shape.
4. Position lenses unit with right end as viewed
from front positioned between the punch holes of base.
and glue in place.
5. Add upward curl to flower petals if desired.
Position each flower over base punch holes
and glue centers in place.
6. Attach mini brads through flower center holes.

1. Position and attach the hat base shape (black)
onto the ornament base with even offset
margin all around.
2. Position and attach the main hat (pink) shape
onto the hat base with even outline margin around.
3. Insert the under-brim shape into hat base "window".
4. Position and attach contrast dots into polkadot openings.
5. Layer hat bands, then position and attach across center
band area.
6. Layer bow end triangles over bow base and attach
in place. Then position bow end, knot over right side of band.
Shown above is the correct coloration for the sample,
and also shows the units and layering.
1. Layer front wing over back wing silhouette and attach.
2. Position and attach mouth underlay behind opening
of head shape, and antennae partial head shape
at top behind head. Add antennae tip ellipses.
3. Position bee body base shape (yellow) onto ornament base
with appropriate offset margins even.
4. Position and attach the body (brown) stripe shapes
where the edges align with body shape,
with even parallel spacing.
5. Position and attach wings unit, face/head onto
assembly. Insert eye circles into openings.
6.  Attach heart accent.

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