Saturday, May 5, 2018

Tea Cup 3D Container and Tea Bag Tags

 Larger than life, dimensional cup vessel 
can be used as decor, or filled with goodies, bath bombs, 
herbal tea and honey-dipped spoons, and more as a unique gift. 
One-piece cup body has ten facets that join to form 
teacup bowl with scalloped rim. 
Handles back-to-back pair has tabs inserted 
through slots in one of the cup seams. 
Accent shapes can be added to outside wall panels 
and rim, inner walls with rim and bottom and handle shape. 
Tea Cup coordinates with the "Tea Bag Tag" designs
that come in two sizes: small with label (shown in top image)
or large "ahhhh!" word cut)
which can be twine-tied to the handle. 
Or use the alternative handle design included 
that has a punch hole flange portion at top interior of cup. 
Measures approx. 3.75" tall x 5" diameter at rim 
(NOT including handle). 

(Tea Bag Tag assembly begins at Step 14.)

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main cup body
B body exterior base decagon (optional)
C accent panels exterior (10)
D rim accent shapes exterior (10)
E handles left and right
F handle accents left and right
G interior accent shapes
H interior base decagon
I tea bag body (small shown)
J label for small tea bag
2. Prepare the main cup "bowl" shape 
by bending on perforation lines:
back on center decagon edges, side flange tabs;
forward  next to short panels near decagon base,
and at rounded rim panels.
3. Prepare the outer accent shapes by
bending forward at lower perf line.
4. Since it is easier to do this while the main shape
is flat, position and attach the exterior accent panels
to each of the bowl "arms", aligning
the corresponding perforation lines, and
centering vertically within the arm panel edge
and flange tab side perf line.
5. Position and attach each of the rim accent
shapes within the rim panel edges and perf lines.
Also position the optional bottom exterior decagon
accent shape (for weight/strength) on the bowl bottom.
6. Turn the bowl assembly backside up then
position and attach the interior decagon shape
at the center.
7. Begin to form the bowl shape by bending 
the first two arm panels into position, with
the short bottom panels relatively perpendicular
to the base, and the straight edge (right panel)
aligned over the adjacent tab flange to perforation 
line, and glue in place.
8. Bend to adjust and align the shorter rim panel
straight edge to overlap corresponding tab flange
to perf line, and attach in place.
9. Continue to adjust to align and attach along
each of the remaining 9 side seams, including
the seam that includes the handle slots,
taking care that the straight edge of that seam
does NOT overlap and hide the slots.
10. Prepare the handle assembly by first
bending the inner edge tabs forward/outward
(shown here is the eyelet variation)
positioning and attaching the accent shapes
offset within the handle's outline for left and right.
11. Position the handles and glue backsides
together, keeping end tabs free.
12. Re-fold the end tabs together to allow
them to be inserted into the side seam slots,
beginning with top end (may need to insert top
eyelet edge first then rotate inward and upward)
then inserting bottom tabs into lower slot.
On the interior, bend tabs outward again,
and glue in place to the bowl inner surface.
13. Prepare the interior accent shapes by
bending back slightly at the upper (rim) perf line,
then position and attach each centered in
the ten bowl panels, matching rim perf lines of each.
That completes the 3D tea cup container.
14. Prepare the bag shape by bending
as shown: back on all perforation lines
except for . . . 
. . . the short portion of the side seams
above the angles folds, which are folded forward.
15. Fold and tuck the triangle "gussets" inward
at top corners on both edges and crease flat.
16. With bag face down, fold the side edges
inward toward center back.
17. Fold the bag in half to enclose the back seam
and crease flat.
18. Tuck the top tab (attached to front panel)
down between back wall and inner layers
and glue in place.
19. Apply and attach a regular size grommet
eyelet through the hole of all layers.
Position and attach the label (or "ahhhh!" word cut)
to the tea bag front.
20. Attach a length of twine through eyelet,
then attach to tea cup handle or eyelet tab.


  1. It is available through our website or through Silhouette America's online store

  2. I purchased this amazing pattern - can't wait to make it but some of the components seem to be missing (I know I need to purchase the tea bag separately
    trying to add a screenshot but failing :(