Monday, June 11, 2018

Creel 3D Thin Gift Box

Fishing theme box is large enough to hold candy bars 
or other "flattish" treats, but can also be 
the storage or gift container for the set of magnetic fish 
for the fishing pole 3D toy design. 
Creel box measures approx. 1" deep x 6.5" wide x 5.5" tall. 

Details include wicker-suggestive overlays, lid box flap, 
strapping and trim. For extra fun, create and tie on 
the "Grab Bait Celebrate Gift Tag". 

ASSEMBLY:  1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A box front panel
B box back panel   C box lid flap
D boxing strips to be joined
E box front "wicker" overlay panels
F center panel for latch hardware
G lid flap accents: overlay, rim, hole rim
H latch strap layers, accent tip
I latch hardware main (2) and sides (3 ea.)
J carry strap main (2 for build up)
K carry strap offset accents (1 front partial,
1 back whole)
NOT SHOWN: circle cover for latch strap rivet
2. Prepare the lid flap by bending back at
the perforation lines for top panel, flange tab.
3. Position at top of box back panel, with
back upper straight edge overlapping lid flange
to perf line, align side to side, and glue seam.
4. Prepare the boxing strips by bending back
on all vertical segment separation perf lines,
also on all end, top and bottom tab perf lines.
5. Identify the center edge and tab, then overlap
straight edge to perf line on opposite tab,
adjust top to bottom, then glue seam.
6. Prepare front box panel by positioning accent
overlays by aligning vertical edges with cut guidemarks
at top and bottom, then glue in place.
7. Position and attach the center panel
using the cut guide marks at top and bottom
for alignment assistance.
8. Prepare the latch mechanism by layering
the main shapes (2), and the left and right
side shapes (3 each), and gluing together,
taking care to align all edges as precisely
as possible. Use a flat weight to press built-up
layers during the drying process if using liquid
adhesive. This will help minimize curling
or warping.
9. Position each side build up shape under
the appropriate side edge of the main latch shape,
aligning edges and punch hole precisely.
Press assembled unit with flat weight while drying.
10. Position the latch build up unit over the box front
panel, aligning punch holes, and glue in place.
11. Prepare the lid flap accents by layering
the edge and hole rim onto the main overlay shape,
and gluing in place.
12. Position the lid flap accent assembly onto
the flap portion of the box back panel, offset
slightly within the panel as shown, and glue in place.
13. Position the box front lower edge
(should have latch assembly
in place at this point; not shown in image) over
the center segment flange of the boxing strip,
align the lower edge "corners" with the perf lines
marking the ends of center segment, and glue in place.
NOTE: the box back panel includes small guide marks
to help identify the corners; transfer these positions
to front panel with pencil marks, if desired.
14. Bend the boxing so that next segment tab edge
lines up with front panel edge, adjust, and glue
in place. Continue . . . 
. . . in similar fashion to bend and adjust boxing
strip to align segment perforation edge with
box front panel edge, and glue in place . . . 
. . . the remaining two segments on box side.
Then repeat the process for the opposite side.
15. Position and attach the box back panel
in the same manner attaching bottom edge
(use guide mark cuts that mark corners)
then working along one side to attach edges
to flange tabs, then along opposite side
until boxing is fully attached to both front & back.
16. Position and attach the latch strap tip accent
shape to front of strap, then layer two strap shapes
(for strength) and glue together. Press flat
during drying process.
17. Position strap top edge at flap center edge,
matching punch holes, and glue in place.
Insert and attach a mini eyelet through punch hole
to help strengthen strap attachment to flap.
Attach nail head accents to latch over punch holes.
To close the box, the strap will be inserted under
latch and pushed through fully.
18. Layer and attach the two handle shapes;
press under large flat weight during drying.
19. Position and attach the accent shapes
to front (half arch shape) and back (whole)
to handle layers. Press flat while drying.
20. Position straps on back box panel,
centered, with bottom straight edges aligned,
and glue in place.
21. Position and attach the circle cover shape
over the mini rivet to conceal the rough, 
scratchy edges.
Fill the creel box with goodies for gift giving,
or use the creel to hold the magnetic fish.

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