Sunday, June 24, 2018

Unicorn Believe In Magic Shaker A7 Card

Cartoon style unicorn head with added details 
and accents on base silhouette stars in this vertical 
5x7 card. Inverted scallop edge circle overlay, 
with circle window below lined with clear vinyl panel, 
plus "believe in magic" message word cuts 
near bottom of over-flap. 
Inside the card, shaker window compartment 
is composed of built-up ring layers, 
solid back circle. 
Classic plaque-shaped sentiment panel 
inside completes the design. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A card front base   B front scalloped window overlay
C card back base
D shaker compartment build up ring (8)
E shaker compartment solid back panel
F clear vinyl panel for front of shaker compartment
G interior sentiment panel
H head front layer   I head base
J face features, flowers, horn
K nose contrast underlay
L word cuts: believe in magic
2. This layout makes it easier to see the head
and face components, and decorations.
3. Position and attach the eye shapes using
the small cut marks on the face shape
to position the top ends of the curve portion
of eye shapes.
4. Position and attach the contrast shape
behind the nostril cut outs.
5. Position and attach the head shape over the
head base shape (with ears and horn extensions).
(NOTE that the white head shape with ears 
shown here is not necessary and is not part of file.)
Position and attach heart cheeks into openings.
Position and attach horn to match base shape.
Arrange and attach flowers near base of horn
(see image of completed head in Step 13).
 6. Prepare the card front panel by bending
back on both of the perforation lines near top.
This will create a small "boxing" depth that will
accommodate the thickness of 
shaker window buildup.
7. Position the top edge of back base panel
over front card base to perf line closest to flange end,
and attach in place.
8. Layer and attach, one by one, the shaker 
compartment rings for build up, taking care
that the interior cut edges line up as precisely
as possible.
Use a flat weight placed over the top of
the assembly while glue dries thoroughly
to prevent warping and curling, and to keep
the stack as perfectly flat as possible.
9. Position the solid back panel behind the shaker
compartment stacked rings, lining up outside
cut edges, and glue in place. Use flat weight
to press during drying process.
10. Place shaker materials inside ring depression.
Apply tape-style adhesive to backside edge
of clear vinyl window panel, then position
and attach, centered, over the shaker assembly.
11. Position and attach the front card panel
scalloped accent panel.
12. Apply appropriate adhesive to the shaker
component ring, then position behind card front,
aligning the window opening edges with the
shaker component window edges.
13. Position and attach head unit on left half
of card overlapping shaker window as shown.
14. Position and attach optional sentiment medallion 
panel on inside of card back panel.
15. Position and attach the "believe in"
and "magic" word cuts as shown.

Here is the completed card.

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