Friday, June 22, 2018

Unicorn Candy Cup Place Card

Festive addition to unicorn themed party table settings, 
this place card candy cup has modified hexagon platform 
that holds 2.5 oz. condiment cup (2.4375" diam. rim) 
for nuts, candy, or other loose treats. 
Build the detailed unicorn on a base silhouette 
that can attach to the back platform wall. 
Unicorn simple silhouette can also be used 
without the layered accents. 
Measures approx. 4.75" tall (unicorn; platform is 1" tall) 
x 3.74" x 3" deep. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A & B platform base shapes
C short panel accents  D long (front & back) accents
E top hexagon accent shape
F name card for place setting
G unicorn attachment panel shape
H unicorn shapes
1. Prepare the main platform panels by bending
back on all panel, tab, top and bridge perforation lines.
2. Position and attach end straight edge over
tab flange to perf line and complete first side seam.
2. Position and attach the side panel accent
shapes over short (4) and long (1 or 2) side panels,
with approx. .1" offset all around.
(NOTE the back accent long panel can be
left off when using the unicorn attachment panel.)
Also position and attach hexagon accent shape
over top panel, taking care to line up slot
3. Form the platform into a ring to line up
and join side seam #2.
4. Bend the top  flanges inward,
bend hex platform down into position
to line up straight edges at flange perf edges,
and glue in place all around.
Turn the platform face down on flat work surface
and apply fingertip pressure along flanges all around.
5. Bend bottom bridge flange back,
bend bridge into position to tuck flange into place
behind opposite platform wall, and glue in place.
6. Assemble the unicorn using these accent shapes:
A. Layer tail shapes with inner straight edges lined up,
then position over corresponding area of body base.
B. Position and attach hooves, star on rump.
C. Position underlay shapes behind eye and
nostril cutouts, and attach.
D. Position assembly onto attachment base shape,
and glue in place.
E. Position mane shape by wrapping narrow
bridge area behind front ear, aligning edges
with attachment base shape, then glue in place.
F. Position and attach horn.
7. Position bottom panel of unicorn assembly
behind back platform panel, with bottom edges
aligned, and glue in place.
8. Place the plastic cup into the upper opening . . . 
. . . and place the personalized oval tag
into the platform slot.
Push down completely in place
to assist in keeping oval upright.
Here is the completed project.

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