Sunday, June 17, 2018

Unicorn Rainbow 3D Box Card

Abundantly detailed card features a layered, 
detailed prancing unicorn on first of three bridges. 
A four-part rainbow arch is staged on bridge #2, 
and a layered sunburst on bridge #3, 
each raised on clear acetate extensions 
that join to separate bridges that cross 
the open box's interior cavity. 
Consider adding the Magical Layered Banner
to the front panel for extra fun. 
(Other word cuts from tags will fit on the banner
as well.)
Card opens into box form for display, 
folds flat for sending. 
Measures approx. 6.875" tall x 3.4" wide 
x 3.4" deep (folds flap to fit in envelope 
that measures approx. 7.25" x 7.25". 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main box hull - front and sides
B side outer accent panels
C front oval accent panel (small punched star accents)
D small stars trio backer rectangle
E left & right flap overlays
F left & right cloud accents with mini stars trios
G back panel with accent panel
H two-layer cloud accent for back panel, stars
I bridge #1 (front)   J unicorn shapes
K bridge #2 (middle)  L clear vinyl rainbow carrier
M rainbow base silhoutte, four rainbow stripe shapes
N bridge #3 (back)   O clear vinyl sunburst carrier
P sunburst layers (base silhouette not shown)
2. If desired, identify and cut the front panel
"Magical" word cut with three-part banner shapes
to add decoration to the box card front outer panel:
A base panel   B middle "shadow" panel
C front panel    D "Magical" word cut
3. Prepare the main hull (front & sides) shape
by bending back on vertical panel separation
perforation lines, bending forward on flap
perforation lines.
4. Position and attach the side accent rounded
squares with even offset all around, and also
the front panel oval, using small cut guidemarks
to help with positioning.
5. Position and attach the stars trio backer rectangle
behind the star cutouts openings. This will
provide a glue-to surface for the stars.
6. Position and attach the inside accent shape
to the front of the back panel, with even offset
margins around sides and arched top,
but even with the panel bottom edge.
NOTE: If using one-sided or non-matched 
card stock for the box hull and back panel, 
the outer backside may NOT appear as
desired. In that case, consider cutting a
second main back panel to glue back-to-back
with first panel; also, cut a second accent
back panel for outer back view, if desired.
7. Position the matching flap overlay (edge to edge size)
over the top (inside) surface of flaps.
NOTE: the flaps include an offset edge that
corresponds to the cloud overlay accents,
and therefore they are not interchangeable,
but rather are mirror images - check to make
sure you are fitting the correct shape onto
its matched flap.
8. Prepare the cloud shapes by overlapping
smaller cloud on top of combo cloud base shape
for BACK panel, adding mini stars as desired to each.
9. Position the appropriate cloud accent to
the side panel, offset approx. .125" in from edge.
Also position, centered, the combo cloud accent
near the top of the back panel as shown.
10. Prepare to attach the main hull shape
to the back panel by lining up the side back flange
with the lower edge of back panel, then "wrap"
the flange around to back of panel, and glue in place,
taking care that bottom edges of all panels
are even and continuous.
11. Form the hull into a tube to align, wrap flange 
around back panel edge, and attach in place.
12. Prepare the three bridges by bending back
on the side tabs. Identify each tab for its position
by noting the cut numeral in the right flange tab.
13. Prepare the accent unicorn assembly for
bridge #1 by:
A) layering the unicorn body over the
base silhouette, aligning matching edges
(here and throughout), and gluing in place.
B) attaching eye cutout, nostril cutout backer shapes
behind the appropriate area of head shape.
C) Position and attach head in place on assembly,
and also cheek, two tail layers, rump heart.
D) position mane shape by sliding indent around
front ear and working downward into position
as completely as possible, then gluing the overlapping
portions together.
E) position and attach the horn.
14. Position the unicorn unit over the front
of bridge #1 near top, matching hoof edges
at cut guide marks included on bridge.
15. Prepare the sunburst unit by assembling
the rays, inner and outer sun dics on the main
silhouette base shape.
16. Position the unit onto the front
of the clear vinyl carrier with upper edges
matches, and attach in place with
appropriate adhesive type.
17. Position the carrier with sunburst
behind bridge #2, centered and with
bottom edges lined up, and glue in place
with appropriate adhesive.
18. Position and attach the rainbow stripes onto
the base shape. Position the rainbow unit
onto the top matching portion of the rainbow
carrier and attach. Position carrier lower portion
behind the center area of bridge #3, with lower
edges lined up.
19. Position bridge #3 with side flanges bent back
into the cavity of the box card, insert downward
until top arch corner is adjusted to line up
at flap perforation line as shown by arrow.
Bridge wall should line up with small guide cuts
showing bridge positions along inside of side walls,
and be parallel to the front & back box walls
from top to bottom; adjust as necessary.
20. Fold the box card into its flattened position
allowing the bridge side flanges to release
and adjust as needed, and apply pressure
along the side area where bridge flange tags
are attaching to side walls.
(Do this after each bridge is positioned
and before glue is allowed to dry in wrong position.
21. Position bridge #2 in similar manner,
at the middle guide mark cuts.
22. Position bridge #1 at the front cut guide marks.
Here is the completed unicorn box card.
And here is the box card in its flattened position
ready for inserting into an envelope for mailing
or giving.
23. Assemble the Magical Banner if desired
and attach to card front over the front oval, 
centered side to side.
Completed card for display.
Consider using this coordinating oversize
envelope which is designed for this card.
1. Bend shapes forward at perforation lines.
2. Attach side, top and bottom flange tabs
to backside of center "square" panel.
3. Assemble optional rainbow accent "seal"
on its base silhouette shape.
4. Open envelope flaps, place flattened
box card over center panel, fold top and
bottom flaps inward, side flaps inward
and tie with soft ribbon or twine.
5. Position and attach (temp adhesive)
rainbow seal
crossing the flap edges as shown.