Monday, August 20, 2018

Bow 3D Lattice 2 Layer

Combination bow includes a lattice loop overlay 
with coordinating solid loops layer, 
solid straight and downward-hanging streamers. 
Measures approx. 5.5" across. 
Great to embellish packages, decorations and other projects. 
Coordinates with "Tote Large 3D Box for Print Panels" 
and "Web Semi Circle Overlay with Punch Hole" designs.

See how this double loop bow is used to embellish
a seasonal tote box at
this LINK

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A lattice loops overlay
B solid loops overlay
C streamers top layer
D streamers bottom layer
E accordion platform strip
2. Add some curl to the center of the loop portion
of each loops shape by applying finger/thumb pressure
to shape that has dowel or pencil shaft underneath . . . 
causing  the rounded shaping of the tool
to transfer to the loop shape.
3. Layer the overlay on top of the solid loop shape
with center punch holes aligned to help center,
then glue the overlapping centers together.
4. Fold/loop the first solid end toward the center
to align punch holes, then . . . 
. . . fold/loop the adjacent overlay end into
the same position, and glue ends in place
behind loop centers.
Repeat for opposite loop ends to bring them
to center and glue in place.
5. Layer the top and bottom streamer shapes
with center hole punches lined up . . . 
. . . taking care that they are centered
in relationship to each other, then glue
overlapping surfaces together.
6. If preparing the Halloween themed bow,
now is the time to position the web semicircle overlay
with hole punch aligned, sides centered,
and glue in place at center.
7. Position the loops unit over the streamers
unit with holes aligned.
It may be helpful to use a pointed tool
such as this awl to insert through punch holes
to help align all layers.
Apply glue between loop and streamer units
as desired, then insert stem of regular size
brad fastener through all layers and bend
prongs out on back.
8. If mounting the bow onto something, such as
the gable tote box, it may be helpful to provide
a glue-to surface that is raised.
The accordion fold strip will accomplish that.
Prepare the strip by bending alternate perforation
lines as valley, and remainder as mountain folds.
Apply adhesive to half the panels, then close up
the accordion folding to create a stack.
Apply pressure to allow glue to stick.
Apply glue to the remaining unglued panels,
then return to stack and apply pressure
until the entire stack is glued in place.
9. Position and glue the stack behind the bow
To attach bow other object apply glue to
bottom of stack and then attach in place.
Here is the completed Halloween themed
gable tote box with bow plus web overlay.

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