Monday, August 20, 2018

Icing Lidded Container and Baby Bottle Card for Autumn Rose

What a treat to celebrate with a special
"friend across the miles"!
Happy to welcome little Autumn Rose.

(Both of these designs can be located as part
of the "Oh Baby" Kit(y) by following this LINK.)

The Round 3D Box with Icing Lid Accent,
built of textured cardstock,
copies a ceramic potpourri  container that is
nostalgic for me since the originals were created
in a shared workshop experience with my own
daughter who is now grown and caring
for two young granddaughters (plus four sons).
Dimensional lid has "rounded" rim, cut outs,
and "icing" style overlays that are built up for effect.
Of course, it works for potpourri to sweeten the nursery,
but also works to hold safety pins, Q-Tips,
cotton balls, tiny hair bows, and more.
Find the design file HERE as a single file.

"Baby Bottle Shaped Gift Card Holder" can be made simply,
as shown here with traditional bottle shape
with nipple, "corrugated" ring, layered banner,
and pacifier embellishment designs (included in main file).

 Or, have some fun embellishing the card front
with pearl jewels, added designs 
(Baby Silhouettes in Mini Frames"
and "Baby" word cut) ribbon, lace and heart charm
[tied in place with Trendy Twine].

I used the "Print & Cut" feature of my Silhouette Cameo
to prepare the personalized double-point banner.
But you can print on a corner of your paper,
then use the inner banner shape as a template
to trace and cut out the printed banner.
You can find the Bottle Shaped Card at this LINK,
and additional designs: BABY SILHOUETTE FRAME,

All our prayers and best wishes go out for sweet little
Autumn Rose!


  1. This was absolutely so sweet of you, Jodi! The personalized card and the box that has so many wonderful memories for you were such a touching gesture. I have the card displayed on our dining room table and the box in in her room on the dresser. When she gets older, I will be able to tell her she is famous since she has items from the Oh Baby kit as well as her name on the website :)

  2. Such a super sweet gift set Jodi. I love that paper and the font you used for Autumn's name! So special.

  3. Gorgeous as always - your files are the best! Such an amazing gift set Jodi :-)