Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Hearthsewn Pattern: Christmas Measure Up

Announcing the release of a new Hearthsewn pattern titled "Christmas Measure Up". This seasonal design goes to work to help chronicle the "new" growth of those special youngsters in your circle of care. It features machine paper foundation piecing as the base for the elves, with layered on fusible machine applique plus dimensional details. One of the special touches involves inkjet printing onto fabric that has been temporarily "fused" onto freezer paper that is put through the home office printer. Another 3D effect is the text-traced fabric tags that are prepared to show a child's growth, then attached in place on the measure stick at the numerical height.

This project will be featured in a handful of technique tutorials on this blog, and special construction details will also be available here to supplement the instructional information inside the pattern.

If you are interested in purchasing this pattern, watch for it on the website. You are also welcome to email me (see website for that address) with inquiries.

This design was on my drawing board originally about 8 years ago, was filed and resurrected to the project queue more than once. Finally, NOW IS THE TIME that it is actually completed and available.


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