Thursday, March 13, 2014

3d Candy Scoop Construction Tutorial

Build this unique gift presentation container from card stock
to hold candy or other loose goodies.
Finished size: 7.25 long x 3.5" wide x 1.75" tall.
Cut file now available from SnapDragon Snippets
through the Silhouette America online store.

1. Identify the cut shapes:
A. main scoop bowl
B. handle
C. inner bowl back
D. inner bowl
E. handle "collar" accent
F. sides & back rim accent
G. tip rim accent

2. Fold the main bowl shape on the perforations, all inward. Apply glue to the long inner tabs, then overlap the center piece long edges over the tab to align at perforation. NOTE that the tab will be on the inside of the bowl. (The dots on this card stock paper are the face side.)

3. Fold the handle shape: inward on hex end tabs, and shaft length perforations; outward at lower edge.

4. Fold and wrap to bring first hex end tab to align with its corresponding shaft end edge, apply glue to tab and glue in place. 

Repeat for next tab and edge on this side of the pre-attached shaft section, then for the two tabs and edges on the opposite side of pre-attached shaft section.

5.  Before gluing the final hex end tab, apply glue to the long shaft tab. Bring the opposite long edge to align with tab perforation, while at the same time positioning end tab perforation even with the final shaft section's end edge. 

6. It will be helpful to insert a rigid object inside the handle shaft that can reach all the way to the hex end, in order to have something to push against as the shaft tab and edge (and edge edge/perf) are being allowed to dry.

7. Straighten the end tabs, then insert the handle narrow end through the hex opening in the main bowl back.

8. Fold tabs tab (outward). Apply glue to attach each to the bowl back inner surface.

9. Fold the tabs on the inner bowl back shape inward. Apply glue to the backside of the entire shape.

Place the shape over the corresponding area of the back inner bowl . Apply pressure to all areas until glue holds.

10. Fold the inner bowl, apply glue to the underside of the entire piece, then slide into position inside the main scoop bowl area. Apply pressure to all areas until the glue holds.

NOTE: to apply pressure, it may be helpful to turn the scoop so that the area being pressed is flat against the table surface, rotating to work with each of the surfaces in turn. 

11. Fold the collar accent shape on vertical and lower scallop perforations. Prepare to place the shape at the narrow end of the handle, orienting it in the "arched" shape as shown. 

NOTE: the highest segment in the arch will fit over the top section of the handle.

12. Apply glue to the underside of each segment and scallop, then wrap the shape around the handle, lining up the perforations and overlapping the straight end edge with the tab perforation. 

13.  Fold rim accent on perforations. Apply glue to rim backside, then position at rim on outer surface of scoop. Hold in place and apply pressure (keep scoop and rim edges lined up) until glue is secure.

14. Apply glue and position the small tip rim accent piece on the under side of scoop.

Now your scoop is completed
and ready to be filled with your favorite goodies
or potpourri.

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