Sunday, April 6, 2014

Chick & Egg Tall Handled Tote Tutorial

Tall, tapered gift sack
for Easter goodies giving
is a cut file available soon from
SnapDragon Snippets
through the Silhouette America online store.
One cut sack requires 12x12 cutting mat.
Quick assembly with fast-latch bottom flap
and layered chick shapes makes it extra fun to create.

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A. tote sack
B. chick layered body parts
C. egg layers
D. chick face parts & wings
E. tag

2. Fold the tote on the vertical perforation lines that define the front (with half-circle tab latch) and back (with slot), and along side seam tab - 3 folds.

3. Fold the bottom tabs under.

4. Fold diagonal perforations in "side" sections of tote outward, or as "valley" folds as shown.

5. Bring the front straight edge to align with the opposite side tab, and glue together securely.

6. Fold bottom side tabs inward, then slot tab, then latch tab. Insert latch into slot until secure. Square up the corners, and apply dots of glue between layers to hold secure, if desired.

7. Pre-assemble the decorative pieces into units as shown: 
A. body base (includes legs and top feathers), with larger outer body and smaller inner body.
B. tag and words
C. eyes with eye liner circles
D. beak base with top beak
E. wings bases with top wings
F. egg base with top polka dot layer

8. Pre-glue "tack" wings onto egg with glue dots, then work quickly to test egg/wings position onto assembled body (with eyes and beak in place). Once you know it is okay, apply final glue and attach to body assembly. 

NOTE that the egg dot cut outs have blank spaces where the wing "hand" ends will cover.

9. Position and glue the chick in place. NOTE that the "flats" of feet will align with the bottom front edge of tote.

Add contents, then tie the tag in place
for the finished product!


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