Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Carrots Trio (Sq. & Hex) Fence Box Displays

For Easter and spring display, 
choose four-panel or six-panel dimensional carrots trios 
which stand upright on the platform box. 
Box top and bottom panels have openings to anchor shaft and tip.
Picket fence panels fit on platform front, back and sides. 
Fill will treats, or use as decoration only. 
Carrots measure approx. 8.5" tall (tip to top) x 1.75" (or 2.5") wide. 
Box measures approx. 8" long x 3.25" wide x 3.5" tall.

NOTE: The four-panel carrots tray is available from Silhouette America.
Both four and six panel carrot tray versions are available
through SVG Attic and SnapDragon Snippets.com.

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
(These shapes are for the four-panel carrot version)
A carrot body panel (2)   B green carrot tops (4)
C platform main shape   D platform end
E platform bottom reinforcement
F front, back picket fence shapes
G side (end) picket fence shapes
(These shapes are for the six panel carrot version.)
A carrot body main shape (3)   B green carrot tops (6)
C platform main shape    D platform end shape
E bottom platform reinforcement shape
F front, back picket fence shapes
G side (end) picket fence shapes
2. Prepare the carrot body shapes (both versions)
by bending back on vertical perforations and
widest horizontal perforation,
forward at narrow neck perf.
3. Join the panels together at one side seam (4 panel) . . .
. . . or two side seams (6 panel). 
4. Form the carrot body into a cone and complete
the final side seam.
This image shows the four panel version . . . 
. . . and this image shows the six panel version.
NOTE that the symmetry of the assembled
carrot body shapes (both versions, make it
possible to flatten the assembly in order
to apply pressure along the seam edges.
Attach the carrot top 'greens' at the top of
each segment. Here is the four panel carrot . . .
 . . . and here for the six panel version.
5. Prepare the platform shapes by bending back
on all perforations and tabs.
6. Join the separate end shape by sliding the end
tab under the side straight edge of the main shape
(perforations and tab perfs should line up)
and completing the seam.
(Shown is 6 panel; assembly is the same for both.)
7. Bend the sides back to form a box tray
to overlap the straight end along the adjacent tab
perforation line, and complete the corner seams.
8. Press in the flanges within the carrot holes
slightly. Six panel shown here . . .
. . . and four panel shown here.
9. Prepare the end picket fence shapes by bending
back the side tabs.
10. Position and attach the end pickets to the
platform ends, with bottom edges aligned,
and picket centered side to side.
Bottom half of lower rail will attach to the
platform side.
11. Position and attach the front and back pickets,
overlapping and attaching on top of the
side picket tabs.
12. Prepare the bottom reinforcement shape
by bending up the edge flange tabs.
13. Apply adhesive to the backside of the
flanges, then insert the reinforcement into the
bottom of the platform. Push inward carefully
until the straight bottom edges are lined up
all around. Hold in place and apply pressure
to attach all flanges.
14. Complete the carrots by "gathering" the
necks together to the center and wrapping
with decorative twine.
15. Assemble the display by inserting
the carrot tip through the platform top opening
and allowing to extend down until the tips
rest in the openings in the reinforcement shape.

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