Thursday, January 19, 2017

Cathedral Windows Quilt Card

Circles fold over patchwork squares to create 
a secondary pattern between and around 
the replica quilt, titled "Cathedral Windows". 
Sixteen buttons (3/16" to 1/4" size) are laced into place
at the corners and intersections to tighten
Sawtooth edge of center panel adds more interest. 
Measures approx. 5" x 5" when top folded. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main card base (top fold)
B accent base with positioning guide 
and needle lacing holes
C fold over circles (9)
D patchwork squares (9)
buttons: 16 count of 3/16" to 1/4"
2. Fold each of the flanges on each circle
forward . . .
. . . and fingernail crease them, then open backup flat.
3. Position one patchwork square, face outward,
back to back with the creased circle, centered,
and glue in place.
Make sure that the square's edges are all
a fraction in from the creases.
4. Refold the circle's flanges inward.
5. Arrange the patchwork units in the layout preferred,
then position and glue each one securely to
the overlay sawtooth square, with edges
precisely at the dash line grid.
As each unit is positioned, make sure it is
abutted as snugly next to its neighbors so that
no space shows between.
(The edges that match are intended to
simulate a sewn seam!)
Here is the patchwork sawtooth unit completed.
6. To complete the button attachment,
cut a 34" length of soft twine or perle cotton,
and secure one end with cello tape near
the top corner (or wherever you select).
7. Thread the twine onto the finest needle
through which twine will pass. Insert the needle
through the corner hole and pass twine
completely through to the front.
8.Thread the twine through first button, back to front,
then slide down into position flush with panel front,
then pass needle through second button hole . . . 
. . . and down through the same hole as before.
Pull twine all the way through to back, and
snug the button tightly against the paper corner.
9. Move across the top to insert needle into
the next available hole, and repeat the process.
Work across, then down to the next row and
across, etc., until all 16 buttons have been attached.
10. (NOTE that I changed twine colors after I
could see what the black looked like in the buttons.)
The needle and twine should end up at 
the backside of the card. Trim off excess
leaving approx. 1" tail . . . 
. . . pull tail tightly and then secure end
with a small piece of cello tape.
Here is the completed sawtooth panel.
11. Position and attach the sawtooth panel
onto the front of the card, centered.
Here is the completed card.
Change the coloration, add a tag, and this
little quilt card could double as a "new baby" card,
a Christmas card, a get well card, a birthday card,
or to coordinated with any holiday or occasion.

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