Monday, January 8, 2018

Snowflake 3D Six Point Star Ornament

Dimensional "patchwork" points swirl at center 
of six-point snowflake-shaped edge ornament 
for Christmas or winter decorating. 
Stitching at pre-punched holes connects the base, 
point edges, and overlay frame 
(shapes without punch holes also included), 
with slightly offset back layer hiding 
the stitching backside. Punch-hole tab included 
for adding a ribbon or twine hanger. 
Measures approx. 5.35 wide x 6" tall. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A snowflake base
B snowflake ring
C dimensional points (6)
D offset snowflake back   E hanger tab
2. Prepare the snowflake points
by bending back on all perforation lines
except hole-punched flanges and bottom side
tabs, which are bent forward.
3. The construction and assembly of this 
six-point snowflake is very similar to the assembly 
of the 3D Patchwork Star Ornament.
Please follow steps 3-12 of that tutorial
by clicking on this LINK
4. Also follow step 13, except positioning
offset back snowflake may be best
done by placing the assembled unit
over the face side of the back shape.
5. Follow step 14 to prepare the hanger tab
then position it behind one of the snowflake points
with punch holes above tip. OR, position between
points at the "valley" as an alternate position.
6. Add soft silk-style (rayon) ribbon loop and
optional wooden bead to finish the snowflake.

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