Sunday, July 21, 2019

Whimsical Fish Shaped Stitch Card

Moderately detailed cartoon-y fish has edge-outlined 
fins and tail, wavy dorsal panel with stitching holes 
to add dash outline details 
(or omit with optional no-stitch body shape), 
and fin-shaped side body accents. 
Full silhouette build-upon shape is included. 
Front and back card base shapes have 1/8” offset margins. 
Back panel includes perforation line that allows 
back to bend away to provide interior sentiment space, 
acting as self-standing easel. 
Sized to fit into a 5x7 card envelope. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A card front offset base  
B card back perforated fold base
C fish assembly silhouette base
D body base with stitching holes
E body "waves" dorsal accent
F head with accent stripe and eye
G dorsal fins with edge accent overlays
H top fin with edge accent overlay
I body inset triangle accents
J tail base with edge accent overlay
K tail inner double swirl accent
2. Position and attach the head accent vertical
stripe on the back straight edge of the head,
with back straight edges aligned.
3. Position and attach the edge accent overlay
shapes onto corresponding dorsal or top fin
base shapes.
4. Position and attach the tail edge accent overlay
on top of the tail base, and also center and attach
the double swirl tail accent onto tail assembly.
5. If you have selected the hand-stitching options,
the following steps apply.
Cut a length of thin perle cotton or embroidery floss
and thread it onto a fine gauge blunt needle.
6. Determine which end of the stitching line you
plan to start with (left vs. right handed), then attach
tail of threaded twine with a small piece of cello or
paper tape on the backside of the body shape
just below the first stitching hole.
7. Start the stitching by inserting the needle
up through the first opening, from back to front.
Draw the twine all the way through so that
there is no excess on the backside.
8. Complete the first stitch by inserting the needle
down through the next hole.
Draw the twine down completely so that it lays
flat onto the surface of the body shape, with
no slack.
9. Continue the same stitching process,
up and down through the successive holes until . . . 
. . . all the holes have been used, and the twine
has traveled down through the final hole.
10. On the backside of the body shape, clip the twine
approx. a scant 1" from final exit hole . . . 
. . . and secure the tail end discreetly with a small
piece of tape, as at the beginning.
11. Position and attach the "wave" accent along
the bottom of the body so that "matching" lower
edges align. 
12. Position and attach the upper fin and
the lower fins in place on the body base shape.
13. Position the body assembly onto the assembly
base silhouette shape, match up corresponding edges,
and attach in place.
14. Position and attach the head assembly, eye,
upper and dorsal fins, and tail assemblies in place.
15. Position and attach the body triangle accents
into their matching openings (NOTE these triangle
shapes are NOT interchangeable - select the correct
shape for the correct opening.)
16. Position the fish assembly on the silhouette base
onto the card front base, centering it within the narrow
edge offset margin all around.

17. Prepare the card back shape by bending forward
on the diagonal perforation line.
18. Position the front card assembly in front of
the back card assembly (back to back), align the upper portion
edges, then attach ONLY the upper portion of
back above the perforation line to the backside
of the front panel base.

Here is the completed whimsical fish card.

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