Sunday, January 1, 2017

Frosty's Decorated Top Hat Project

(Image above shows un-decorated basic hat.)
These two images show the decorated basic hat
(including 3d corncob pipe, 3d buttons, evergreen sprigs,
leafy sprigs, snowflake swirl & stars etched glass vinyl,
and several "found" embellishments).
A separate tutorial has been created to
explain or demonstrate how these embellishments
are prepared or built.
Find that tutorial by clicking HERE.

Frosty Snowman's top hat for winter decor 
or table centerpiece is built from six side panels, 
brim with quarter arc rim strips, 
top hexagon panel, two-section hat band. 
Decorate with found objects, replace hat band with ribbon. 
Or add corncob 3d pipe paper design, vinyl snowflake flourish, 
fir sprig, laurel sprig, buttons companion designs. 
Measures approx. ­­­­­5.5" tall x 8.5" wide x 10" long. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A brim main shape (cut 2 for sturdier build up)
B brim rim quarter arc strips 
C crown side front panels (4)
D crown side panels (wider) 2)
E crown top panel
F brim cosmetic cover ring (covers crown tabs
under brim)
G hat band half strips (2)
2. Prepare brim by attaching the two "build up"
shapes to form one sturdier brim shape,
taking care to align inner and outer edges.
Suggested: use flat weights to apply pressure
to the glued-up brims.
3. Position and attach the left and right,
top and bottom brim rim strips along the edge
of the brim. (Continue to employ weights.)
4. Prepare the crown panels by bending top
and side tab flanges back, bottom tab forward,
and bending forward on the two vertical perf lines.
5. Prepare to join two half crown assemblies
by arranging a wider center side panel between
two narrower panels.
Position lower segments side by side,
overlap the plain straight edge over the
corresponding tab, adjust to align upper & lower
perf lines that define the lower panel, 
and glue in place.
Repeat the lower seam joining for the third panel
in the sequence shown.
6. Flex and adjust positioning for the middle
strata seam to attach the straight plain edge
along the tab perforation edge, for the
first pair seam, and then repeat to complete
the second pair seam.
7. Flex and adjust to align edge and perf line
for the top strata, for both seams.
8. Complete second half brim assembly.
9. Join the center front seam to join the
two half brim assemblies, joining bottom,
then middle, then top seam segments.
10. Repeat step 9 above for the center back seam.
10. Bend crown top tab flanges inward, then 
position the top crown panel over the opening.
Adjust the crown shape to align and attach
each top panel edge along the tab perf edge,
corners aligned, etc.
NOTE: Once the initial grab is established,
it may help to invert the crown assembly top
panel down on a flat surface and apply
fingertip pressure along the tabs to
secure the seam all around.
11. Insert the crown lower tabs edge through
the brim opening, then bend tab flanges outward
to attach each to the brim underside.
12. To hide the tab construction on the
underside of the brim, position and attach
the (F) ring around the opening.
13. Prepare the hat band shapes by bending
back along all vertical perf lines.
14. Join the two strips by overlapping the
straight edge over the tab to perforation line,
taking care that upper and lower edges are 
in a continuous alignment.
15. Position and attach the band around the
crown over lower strata, with final seam
at center back, overlapping the straight end
over the tab opposite.
Here is the completed basic hat.
16. Prepare and arrange for the embellishments
that will adorn the Frosty Snowman's Top Hat.
The sample shown here includes the following:
"leafy sprigs", "evergreen sprigs",
"snowflake stars flourish" (cut from sparkle
window etch effect vinyl) . . .
. . . "corn cob 3d pipe", and
"buttons lrg 3d square round".
17. The model top hat includes the "snowflake stars
flourish" vinyl for which the separate snowflake
is cut and then vinyl snowflake transferred
onto the snowflake and swirl to make it "darker".
18. "Audition" the positioning of the swirl
vinyl shape on the side and back side crown
panel, then use the regular transfer "tape"
to remove vinyl from carrier and attach to hat.
19. Position an attach leafy sprigs (right side
front panel on model) . . .
. . . and "evergreen sprigs" (near right front) . . .
. . . then add other found objects, including
small blue large "berries" cluster, kraft paper shreds,
glitter feather (trimmed to size), artificial berrie clusters.
Finally, add paper 3d projects: corn cob pipe
and large round and square buttons with twine.
Here is the completed decorated hat
from side view.
Here is the completed hat viewed from front.

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