Sunday, January 1, 2017

Snowflake Accordion Hanger

Large hanging dimensional ornament is composed
of six assembled wedges connected at
triangular side panels which allow it to be
spread into a circle and temp-connected with
push-thru tab (assisted with temp adhesive if desired)
and hung by attached ribbon loop.
Later, undo the tab and collapse the wedges
into a stack for easy storage.
Measures approx. 11.75x11x3 when opened.

Hang as a single winter time ornament, or
in a series, with or without the decorative panels
on front and/or back.

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A wedge section #1 (left end)
B wedge sections #2-5 (center)
C wedge section #6 (right end)
D accent shape half pairs (6 pairs)
2. Prepare ALL SIX wedge sections by bending
back on all perforation lines, including tab flanges
at sides and bottom.
3. Position and attach the decor shapes to the
central "whole" arm area, aligning the "straight"
accent center edges up the center perforation
so that they abut.
NOTE: it is possible to put accent shapes
on the backside of the star wedges also,
(this is why the accents are split in half in file)
which would involve cutting a second set
of 6 pairs, then attaching them at the "half arm"
areas on left and right ends of each wedge unit.
(This sample will only include accents on front.)
Here is the completed wedge 
with front only accents.
4. Fold the side and bottom tab flanges inward . . .
. . . then fold the wedge on its center front perf line
to bring the "straight" side and bottom edges
to overlap the tab fold edges to perforations.
(The wedge is now in its trapezoid form.)
5. Apply adhesive to the tabs and secure
the side and bottom seams.
6. The wedge can now be transformed into
its wedge form by pressing the pointed arm
portions of front and back together . . .  
. . . while allowing 
the side triangle faces to push
outward to the sides.
This is the dimensional wedge form.
7. Re-identify the left end wedge
by locating its push-through tab.
The right end wedge will have
a corresponding circular opening.
8. Prepare to join the wedge sections
by lining up the left end wedge (push-through tab)
with the first of the middle wedges with their
triangle faces brought together.
This is how they will be connected.
However . . . 
. . . the wedges will be re-transformed into
their trapezoid form during the attachment process.

9. Apply adhesive to one of the triangle faces . . .
. . . then layer the two together while matching
up as precisely as possible the side angle folds
and the bottom fold, and the top center points.
Apply a good amount of pressure to ensure
that the connection is thorough and complete.
NOTE: placing a flat weight on the sections
during the glue-drying process may be advisable.
10. Continue to add the wedge sections to the
assembly stack, first the remaining 3 middle
wedges, then the final right end wedge (tab hole).
Take care with alignment, and add adequate
pressure to ensure good joining.
11. Unfold the accordion snowflake by allowing
or assisting the wedges to spread into a circle,
transforming from their flat trapezoid forms . . . 
. . . into their dimensional wedge forms,
while bringing the left and right end triangle faces
together . . .
. . . so that they finally touch, and it is possible
to push the circle tab of one through 
the circle opening of the other.
This will "lock" the snowflake into its open form.
Here is the snowflake opened and locked.
When the snowflake needs to be stored,
this tab can be released, and the snowflake
folded back into its trapezoid stack form.
If the closing faces don't stay tightly together
enough to suit, a little temp adhesive tape or dots
may be added to assist.
12. Attach a ribbon hanging loop through
a selected front/back pair of point punch holes.
Here is the completed snowflake.

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