Sunday, January 1, 2017

Snowflake Pull Tab Card

Create a hanging ornament 
or a unique card by assembling 
this shaped card with only 3-4 cut shapes 
(when using metal tabs). 
Six soup can pull tabs are center "embellishment", 
stitched in place with soft twine or 
perle cotton/floss to the flake overlay. 
Punch holes nearer flake edge on card front 
provide position guide for crystal jewels. 
Back card has perforation in upper portion 
to allow it to bend back to reveal the sentiment space. 
Hang from top hanger hole, 
or tie decorative ribbon lengths. 
Measures approx. 6.5x6.5 when finished. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A card base front
B card base back (includes perforations at top)
C snowflake base
Not shown: sentiment panel (see step 18)
Also shown: 6 aluminum soup can pull tabs
2. Prepare card base back by bending forward
on upper perforation line.
3. Position and attach the top panel of the
base back to the backside of the front card base
(back to back), taking care that cut edges
align as exactly as possible.
4. Identify the top of the snowflake by locating
the 'O' spoke that is cut off slightly
(to accommodate the hole punch at top).
5. Prepare soup can pull tabs by using pliers
or similar tool to clamp across the bottom portion
to ensure tabs are flat and that any ragged edges
are flattened as much as possible.
6. Position and invisibly attach each of 6 pull tabs 
under the 'O' arm so that the needle holes 
remain visible at inner and outer tab edges.
Use a quick grab adhesive such as Fabri-Tack
or hot glue.
7. Prepare to add stitches by threading a 24" length
of 6-ply embroidery floss, no. 5 perle cotton, or
soft twine into a blunt end tapestry style
Anchor tail end with a small piece of cello tape
near beginning hole, on the backside of
the snowflake shape.
8. Insert the needle and twine through the first
hole (inside top was selected for sample)
and pull twine through completely.
9. Insert needle into the hole across the tab,
and pull needle and twine through to the back.
10. Move down same side of first tab and insert
needle into inner lower hole, and draw twine
through completely.
11. Insert needle into the hole between the two
adjacent tabs, and pull twine completely
through to the back.
12. Move to the adjacent tab, and insert the
needle up through the lower inner hole,
and draw the twine through completely
to the front.
13. Complete the second tab lower holes stitch
by inserting the needle into the same hole
between the two tabs, and draw the twine
through to the backside completely.
14. Continue in the same efficient fashion to work up
then down, etc., to complete twine stitches
that "wrap" over the tab structure, completing
all stitches, with final stroke pushing needle 
to the backside of the snowflake.
15. On the backside, trim away excess twine
leaving approx. 3/4" tail. Secure in place
with small piece of cell tape.
16. Position and attach snowflake (with tabs)
on top of the card base front,
placing the center top (shorted arm) arm
at center top of the card base,
under the hang hole.
17. Add jewels and embellishments
as desired. Shown here are clear jewels
placed over the punch holes at the center
of the 'O' spaces.
18. Position and attach the sentiment panel
on the inside (back) of card assembly.
19. Add ribbon lengths or bow through
the top hang hole as desired.

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