Monday, January 2, 2017

Snowflakes Cocoa 3D Box Card Assembly

Card in a box design includes
shaped tall back panel, side panels with shaped flaps 
and offset accents plus wind swirl flourish, 
simple tag (add your own sentiment) that attaches 
with mini brad, layered snowflake mug with steam. 
Five varied snowflakes cluster behind on four bridges 
that cross the box interior. 
Measures approx. 6.5" wide x 8.25" tall x 2.875" when open. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main card base
B duplicate tall back panel, back accent panel
C & D side flap duplicate shapes, overlays, swirls
E outer accent panels (2)   F front accent panel
G front simple tag   H SNOW swirl embellishment/tag
(NOTE: this is from a separate design file.)
I   #0 bridge with mug base
J mug overlay, snowflake, steam base and overlay
K #1 bridge with two snowflakes
L #2 bridge with snowflake
M #3 bridge with two snowflakes
N back panel snowflake with offset base
2. Prepare the 'A' card base by bending back
on all vertical perforation lines, forward on
horizontal flap perf lines.
3. Position and attach the outer sides and
front accent rectangular panels, offset
slightly within the perforation lines or cut edges.
(Make sure to match up the punch hole
on the center front panels.)
This image shows the prepared OUTER
main box panel.
4. Position and attach the duplicate tall back
panel and side flaps (when the inside of box
reveals an undesirable color) over corresponding
portions of the main card base backside.
5. Position and attach the back panel accent
(with bottom edge aligned at base card bottom edge);
Position and attach flap accents, wind swirl designs
as shown. 
6. Form the card base into a tube to bring
the right back side panel straight edge to
overlap the tab to perf line, and join.
NOTE: that the card can be collapsed into
its flat form in order to apply fingertip pressure
along the seam to secure it.
7. Prepare the bridge assemblies by
attaching the decorative shapes.
Here is the #0 bridge (very front) assembly that
includes mug base (shows thru as handle),
mug front (use mug base as show-thru or
position and attach separately cut snowflake
into the cut space), steam base and overlay.
Here are bridges 1-3 plus back snowflake and offset.
8. Bend back the side tabs on each bridge . . .
. . . and identify the bridge order (if not already
done) by locating the cut number in the
left tab. NOTE: #0 (front) bridge has no number.
9. Locate the bridge guidance cuts on the
inside side panels.
10. Apply adhesive to the outer surface
of side tabs of bridge #3, then position
inside the box cavity with the tab perf edge
aligned at the back position guide mark
on left and right box sides.
Here is the card with bridge 3 in place.
After the initial "grab" of  tab adhesive,
but before thoroughly dried, fold card
assembly into its flat form and apply finger
pressure along the areas where the seams
are (underneath).
Complete this step after each bridge is
11. Position and attach bridge 2 in
the same manner, and at the appropriate
guide cuts.
12. Position and attach bridge 1,
at the appropriate
guide cuts.
13. Position and attach bridge 0
at the front guide cuts,
then position and attach back snowflake
to back panel in a position and spin
that makes it most-desirably visible.
14. If using the added design cut "SNOW swirls tag",
layer the two shapes, then position and attach
it to the plain tag with top center punch 
hang holes aligned.
Position tag over box card front
and attach with a mini brad (plus
adhesive as desired).
Here is the card collapsed flat to send
(fits into the coordinated 
"snowflake flap cutout envelope") . . .
. . . and here is the card in its
"card-in-a-box" form.

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