Thursday, January 5, 2017

Snowflake Stick Ornament

Woodland styling or the look of cinnamon sticks?
Three levels of elements make this
oversize ornament unique,
including a "sticks" layer that
is composed of card stock tubes
wrapped around 5/16" dowels cut to size,
held in place with upper and lower brackets
(and adhesive, of course).
Add "found object" bell at center.
Large dimensional snowflake 
(measures approx. 8.75" tall) 
can be featured as a peg hanger, 
or connect several onto a ribbon swag 

for stunning winter or cabin decor. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main snowflake base decorative front layer
B main snowflake build up layers (3)
C accent front base snowflake
D curly snowflake decorative front shape
E curly snowflake build up layers (3)
F central "stick" shape
G short "stick" arms (4)
H bottom stick joint bracket
I top stick joint bracket
Not shown: 
J hexagon build up spacer
(see step 5)
K scallop twine anchor "button"
for backside (see step18)
2. Prepare the main snowflake base by
positioning and attaching the decorative
C shape on top of the A decorative front base.

3. Build up the thickness of the base snowflake
by attaching the front to the extra build up B layers,
one by one, taking care to align all cut edges
and punch hang hole as precisely as possible.
NOTE: it will be helpful to use flat weights to
help apply pressure during the gluing process
to minimize curling and warping.
(Use weights throughout the project
when built-up layers are being created.)
4. Prepare the curly snowflake by layering
the decorative front shape on top of the
build up layers, aligning precisely all edges.
5. Join all spacer hexagons into a stack.
6. Prepare ALL stick shapes by bending back on
all long perforation lines, and bend end caps
and tabs back.
7. Form each stick shape into a tube to bring
the straight end edge to overlap the opposite
long tab to perforation line, and glue in place.
NOTE: it will prove helpful to wrap the stick shape
around a 5/16" diam. dowel during the seam process.
8. Insert (if not already done) dowel that will
stay inside the stick tube, push in until one
end is flush with the end of tube, then mark
a cut-off length with fine tip pencil.
For the center stick, also mark the center hole.
A. remove dowel, cut to length, then also cut
in half, insert two halves so that 
center joint will allow twine to be inserted
through stick.
B. remove dowel, cut to length, then drill
a small hole that matches punch hole of shape
that will allow twine to be inserted through.
9. For all sticks: insert cut to size dowels
(sand ends if needed), insert and glue inside
stick covers.
Bend end caps down, tuck tabs inside tubes
and glue in place.
10. Prepare the bottom bracket by bending
back all triangle tabs.
11. Prepare top bracket by bending four
tabs back.
12. Position and glue in place the bottom bracket
onto the center stick's bottom surface,
matching up the center holes of each.
Bend the triangle tabs around the center stick
and glue in place.
13. Apply adhesive to the "arms" surfaces
of the bottom bracket, then . . .
. . . along the length of both ends of stick bottom.
Position and secure the center stick/bracket onto
the base snowflake at its center, below hang hole,
matching center holes (here and throughout).

14. Apply adhesive to the remaining 
triangle tabs, then . . .
. . . apply glue to bottom face of each short stick,
one by one, and fit end into bracket while
also aligning up the center of side arms.
Apply pressure to secure each in place
before proceeding to next stick
until all sticks are in place.
Also bend each triangle tab around the
lower sides of the sticks being added.
It may be helpful to use a flat tool such as
this spatula to apply pressure to ensure
that the tabs attach.
15. Apply adhesive to the backside of the
upper bracket - arms and tabs,
then position over the intersections of the
sticks, line up center hole, and attach to
all sticks where it touches, also bending
side tabs down to attach to center stick.
16. Position and attach the spacer hexagon
on top of sticks/bracket.
17. Apply adhesive to the hexagon, then . . .
. . . position the curly snowflake on top,
holes aligned. NOTE that the arms of
the curly snowflake are positioned between
 the sticks, aligning instead with the
shorter alternate arms of the base snowflake.
18. To attach bell (or other embellishment),
thread a length of twine or jute, centered,
through the "button" holes of 
the scallop stop shape.
Thread twine ends through the center hole
of the snowflake assembly (this may involve
using a darning needle or 
other threading tool) . . .
. . . then tie on embellishment and
complete with a bow (and a dab
of adhesive discreetly, if desired).
Finally, add a ribbon loop to the top.
Here is the completed snowflake ornament.

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  1. Very pretty! I really love the cinnamon sticks idea. I have some of those in my craft supplies that I have never used...yet!