Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Frosty's Top Hat Decor: 3D Pipe & Buttons

Dimensional objects to build to adorn
Frosty Snowman's 3D Top Hat project
(or whatever decorative work you can imagine)
include the 3d corn cob pipe and the thick buttons.

You can find the Frosty Snowman 3D Hat project
in this blog by clicking HERE.

(This tutorial is under construction.
Please return soon to view the completed
assembly guide.)
BUTTONS: Assembly involves simply layering & gluing
the 8 base/main shapes of the version being built
into a stack, matching openings and edges,
layering the 4 rim shapes into a stack and gluing,
then attaching the rim to the base and gluing.
(Use a flat heavy weight to help prevent curling
or warping during the glue drying process.)
The "thread" X shape in the file can be added
by inserting the ends into the button holes
and gluing in place as needed.
For the Frosty hat embellishment,
four strands of no. 5 black perle cotton
were threaded through, ends anchored behind.

ASSEMBLY: Identify and cut the shapes:

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