Sunday, June 18, 2017

America Bunting Swag Plaque

Large scale wall decoration features 
a header with "AMERICA" letters and folk stars, 
layered base shapes that connect 9 three-part 
bunting wedges (base layer add-on layer recommended 
for rigidity),  folk star accents in two sizes, 
and 22 decorative brad accents. 
Layer multiple shapes for reinforcement and rigidity. 
Measures approx. 19" wide x 12.25" tall. 
Pop-out hanging brackets with reinforcements 
integrated for easy ribbon hanging. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main header FRONT base (3)
B side FRONT header extensions (2 sets of 3)
C & D header side BACK sections (3 left, 3 right)
E & F plaque fronts with letter guide marks
G hang tab reinforcements (for pop-up tabs in C & D)
H plaque trim strips (4)
I plaque accent stars   J letter accents
K & L bunting wedge upper layers
(include extra hang holes to connect to header)
M regular bunting wedge sets (7)
N wedge star accents (9)
2. For strength and heft, layer the header shapes
and glue together, aligning cut edges and brad
punch holes as precisely as possible.
If using liquid adhesive, be sure to apply flat
weights or something heavy over the whole shape 
to keep the assembly from warping or curling
during the drying process.
Here is the main FRONT header shapes . . . 
. . . the left and right BACK header shapes
(be sure to pop up the hang tabs on the top layer
and keep it from being glued flat) . . . 
. . . and the left & right  FRONT side extender "squares".
Shown here is one weight solution:
cast-off fabric covered weight bar from a broken
pulley-weights machine.
(It is being used on a built-up shape from
a different project.)
3. Prepare the tab reinforcement shapes by
bending forward on the middle perforation line
of each. Position over the corresponding
pop-up shape on the back of each of the side header
build up shapes, matching the rounded
upper edges, punch hole and perforation,
and glue in place.
NOTE that the more attractive card stock face
of these BACK side panels is selected
to be the backside of the plaque.
4. Prepare each half of the plaque (face plate)
by positioning a trim strip at top and bottom
edge of each.
5. Identify the LEFT panel by locating the 'L'
cut at the left end of the lead panel that
eventually will be hidden under the left star accent.
Position the left and right panels side by side
and face down on work surface, butt the center
edges together tightly with top & bottom edge
aligned, and secure temporarily with a piece
of cello or other thin tape.
For reference, here are the plaque face shapes
with the 'L' guide mark and the star- and letter-bottom
guide marks shown.
NOTE that the front edge of the 'R' will
line up with the center joint.
6. Position and attach the star and letter accents
onto the plaque panel assembly.
7. Assemble the header by positioning and attaching
the BACK left and right panels behind the main 
FRONT panel, lining up top edges and
corresponding brad punch holes of each.
8. Position and attach the FRONT extension units
to the sides of the main FRONT panel, lining up
top and outer side edges.
9. Position and attach the AMERICA plaque
over the header assembly, lining up top and
side edges.
10. Prepare the 7 regular swag wedges by layering
and attaching together the sections as shown,
taking care to line up corresponding outer cut
edges and punch holes.
Also prepare the left top and right top wedges
(identify these by their extra top edge
attachment holes).
11. Position and attach an accent star into
the corresponding recess cutout on each wedge.
12. Lay out the left & right upper, 7 regular wedges
over the downward arch
of the header assembly, lining up the corresponding
brad punch holes.
Remove, apply adhesive, then re-position and
attach each wedge in place.
NOTE that there is a slight margin of space
between each wedge,
and that punch holes of left & right upper wedges
line up with corresponding holes on MAIN header.
13. Insert 22 contrast regular size brads
at all punch holes (reinforcement connectors
and accents).
14. Attach ribbon or twine hanger through
the punch hole pop-out tabs on backside.
Here is the completed swag plaque.

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