Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Patriotic Tussie Mussie 3D Cone Decor

Hang this festive decoration from hook or peg.

Four-cornered cone measures approx. 7.5" tall 
with side hole punches and brackets for tying ribbon bows, 
back hole punches for attaching cord or wire. 
Reinforcement bracket shapes attach around holes.  
Folded "prairie picot" trim fits behind top opening edge. 
Paper lace strip fits below front rim edge. 
Add further embellishments (shown with bottom bell, 
side ribbon bows) for fun and unique July 4th decor, 
including companion designs: 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main cone shape
B side (ribbon hole) bracket reinforcements
C back (wire hole) bracket reinforcements
E lace accent strip
D picot point opening trim strips (2)
2. Prepare the main cone shape by bending
back on the long triangle perforation lines.
NOTE that the LEFT side edge has guide cut
marks that are guidelines only - do NOT bend
on these guide cuts.
3. Position and attach the reinforcement
brackets in place.
Also position and attach the lace strip over
the front (widest) panel near the top edge
where the lace's angled side edges align
with the perforation lines/edges.
4. Form the shape into a cone,
overlapping the plain back side edge 
to the guide cut marks, adjusting
so that cone opening edges are
continuous, and glue in place.
NOTE that it may be helpful with this
slightly awkward form to insert a long
flat tool inside the cone behind the seam
to provide a "press against" surface
to secure the seam.
5. Prepare the picot point accent strips
by bending the "triangles" back so that
the formerly-top edges of each pair now
line up vertically (a slight reveal between
edges is designed in), and glue corners in place.
6. Position the lower edge of long picot trim
segment behind the front cone edge,
with the bent-back side segment along the
left side cone opening and glue in place.
NOTE: trim ends lightly if too long.
Repeat for the second strip along back
and final side.
7. Finish the cone as desired.
Suggestions: A) attach a decorative bell at bottom;
B) attach spiral wire hang loop at top,
securing ends through back bracket holes;
C) tie ribbon bows at side brackets
(pre-tie bows, then secure through holes
with twine or very narrow ribbon)

7. Continue to decorate and embellish
the cone. This model shows the July 4th rosette
design shown here . . . 
. . . then fill with paper shreds,
miniature flags on poles, burlap and other 
purchased flowers, 

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