Thursday, June 8, 2017

Stars Tree Display Stand

Patriotic decorating fun can begin
with this sturdy pole and notched-arms
"tree" which can hold a variety of
dimensional star ornaments available
in separate file downloads:
basic, facets, points and flag.
Center post is made sturdy by means of
a 3/4" wooden dowel cut to size.

Here you can see the stand without ornaments.
Inverted starburst bunting decoration completes the top.
 Arm end punch holes can be covered 
with decorative studs or brads. 
Measures approx. 16.5" tall x 12" wide x 4.25" deep (base).

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A base riser   B base bottom
C base underside cover
D base contour shapes (6)
E lower arm build up (4)
F middle arm build up (4)
G upper arm build up (4)
H post   I lower post section
J lower & mid back arm brackets
K front arm brackets (3)
L starburst finial base
M upper arm back bracket
N starburst accent
O star contrast liner shapes (7)
Q & Q half circle accents
2. Please refer to the 
tutorial, steps 2-25, 33-34 to construct the display stand,
then return to this tutorial
to view assembly of Star Burst Bunting finial.

3. Layer the partial circles with bottom edges aligned
and attach.
Position and attach at center bottom of 
star burst shape.
Position contrast shapes behind the star cutouts
and attach in place.
4. Prepare the final base shape by detaching
side cuts (if necessary) and bend back.
5. Position  the starburst assembly on the front
of the finial base shape with fan blade top/outer
edges offset uniformly within base edge
and attach . . . 
. . . making sure that the hex tab remains
6. Position the finial hex tab on top of the post,
with the lower edges behind the top arm,
and glue in place . . . 
. . . making sure that the center tab remains
unattached (so that ornament loop can 
eventually be wrapped over the top to hang).
7. Prepare the top back bracket by bending
back on all perforations, bending forward
on the end tab perforation lines.
Position wrapped around post with end tabs
attached to backside of arms (and finial),
and glue in place.
8. Add jewels or studs to front arm ends
and brackets over punch circles as desired.
9. Position and loop the ornament ties
over the arm tabs as shown, either from front . . .
. . . or from back as shown here.
Here is the completed project.


  1. How do you put the base together? Have any pictures of that??

  2. Search Egg Tree Display Stand inside this blog and it should take you to that post. Otherwise, it can be found at This link is shown in Step 2 of this tutorial.