Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Two 3D Flag Variations with Poles

Layered flag variations (two star trio arcs or 
large & small stars trio) have back side extensions 
that wrap around hexagon to attach.  
Flag pole measures approx. 11" tall 
 5/16" wooden dowel cut to size and inserted inside). 
Length sized to fit with companion 
"Patriotic 3D Tussie Mussie Cone" design. 
NOTE that flags can be created as
left-facing or right-facing with 
interchangeable shapes.

ASSEMBLY:  1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A post strip
B flag base (shows thru as red stripes)
C white stripe layer
D & E star panel variations
2. Prepare the post strip by carefully bending
back on long perforation lines, also bend back
hex "cap" and tiny tabs.
3. Form the post strip into a tube to overlap
long straight (plain) edge over opposite long 
tab flange, and glue in place.
NOTE: this may most easily be accomplished
by inserting the 5/16" diameter dowel inside
the strip tube as a "press-against" surface,
moving fingertip pressure up and down
the seam to adjust and tighten the tube
until the seam is secure.
4. Bend the cap tabs inward to perpendicular, then
bend the cap into place while tucking the tabs
inside the tube, and glue in place.
5. Measure and cut the dowel to the length 
of the tube less 1/4". 
Insert the dowel into the tube and push
into position, stopping when resistance is felt
as the dowel reaches the cap tabs.
NOTE: the dowel may still be approx. 1/16" or more
shorter than tube. This is acceptable, especially
if the wooden bead finial is planned to attach,
since the slight cavity will provide an indent.
6. Prepare the white stripes flag shape by bending
back on the perforation lines.
7. Position white stripes shape over the red stripes
base, aligning top, bottom and right end edges
(left end edges for the left facing flag),
and attach.
8. Position and attach the stars panel with upper,
inner edge lined up with corresponding cut edges
of white stripes shape.
9. Position the flat assembly near the top
of the pole, aligning the perforation lines
with angle corners of the post.
NOTE that as shown here, if NOT using
the wooden bead finial, the "top" of the post
is the cap end. However . . . 
. . . if using the bead finial, reverse the post
so that the cap is on the bottom, and the hollow
at the top, then insert the bead into the open
end and glue in place.
Mini flags and poles can be used in many
decorative projects.
Here the two flag sticks are used
with the patriotic "tussie mussie"
decorated cone project.
You can find this project tutorial HERE.

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