Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Star Candy Cup Holder

Build a "hollow" star box with top opening 
that fits a 2.5 oz. plastic food service "sauce" cup 
to fill with loose candy or other treat as a table decoration. 
Add a name strip to personalize into a place card. 
Measures approx. 4.75" wide x 4.5" tall x 1.125" deep. 
Top offset accent star shape included. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A star upper shape   B upper accent
C star bottom shape
D & E "boxing" side strip shapes
F 2.5 oz plastic sauce cup
2. Layer the accent shape on top of the star main
shape, circle edges lined up and outer edges offset,
and attach.
3. Prepare the side strip "boxing" shapes
by bending upper and lower tabs back,
bending vertical perforations in forward/back
alternating order . . . 
. . . bending back where the tabs are angled
of mitered (star points) . . .
. . . and bending forward where the tabs
are straight cut (between-point valleys). 
4. Join the strips end to end by overlapping
the straight edge of one over the corresponding
tab edge of the other, adjusting up/down
so that tab perforations line up precisely,
and glue in place.
NOTE: top/bottom of strips are the same,
so there is not a wrong way to join strips.
5. Begin to join the boxing strips to the upper
star shape by positioning the tab end segment
of the strip assembly at a "right" arm edge
as shown, overlapping star straight edge
to the strip perforation line,
and gluing in place.
6. Bend the strip to line up the next strip segment
at the left arm edge of first point in the same manner.
Take care at each edge/tab alignment at the ends
of segments line up as precisely as possible
with the points of valley angles.
NOTE that as the tabs are attached, it will
be helpful to turn the assembly face down
on a flat surface to apply fingertip or tool pressure
along the tab seam from the backside.
7. Continue to bend strip to line up star edges
and attach around the remaining points
in similar manner. When the final point is
being positioned to join, also line up and
join the end straight edge along the opposite
end tab in one operation.
8. Position the bottom hollow star shape
to correspond with the bottom strip tabs . . . 
. . . and align to join each star edge with 
corresponding tabs, adjusting for precise fit
as with the upper star, and using the hollow
to reach under to apply fingertip pressure along
each tab and edge until all are joined.
9. Place the plastic cup into the top opening . . . 
. . . and fill with loose candy as desired.

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