Thursday, June 8, 2017

Dimensional Star Ornaments for Tree

Variations make even more fun
with four different star files to download,
cutting main star shape from favorite
red-white-blue paper prints, or overlays
to create 5-point patchwork, divided halves,
or flag variations.
Main star shape has perforations that allow 
the "arms" to be shaped with a center crest, 
and a valley short fold in between arms. 
Edge flange tabs fit and attach under 
the inner edge of the star-outline rim arms 
to hold the dimensional form. 
Mount the rim and star assembly onto a star base, 
then attach to the top hole-punched hanger base. 

Designed as companion design to 
"Stars Tree Display Stand" to hang with twine ties 
from the notches of each arm
(view the tutorial for that project HERE). 
Measures approx. 2.25" wide x 3.5" wide; 
hanger adds extra .375" to height. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
Each star ornament is built with
these main four shapes.
(This is the basic star.)
A main star with perforations and tabs
B star rim
C star base
D star back with hanger top
2. Bend forward all the edge flange tabs
around the star points of the MAIN shape.
3. Bend back on ALL the perforation lines
all the way across the shape, 
point to valley.
4. Re-direct the short portion of the fold - 
from the center to the "valley" point
between star "arms, working all around
the stars for each of the arms.
5. Work the star into its dimensional shape
with raised center by placing on flat surface
with edge flanges flat, then apply slow inward
pressure to push the short fold areas
toward the center, while at the same time
pushing inward from each side of the star arms.
(This image uses a TEST main star,
not the red polkadot model.)
6. With star main shape in dimensional form,
position the star rim over the top . . . 
. . . aligning the tall point perforations
at the inner angle of the rim . . . 
. . . and mid (short) perforation line aligned
at the inner point of the rim.
Adjust for alignment of perforation lines
as described above, then attach the rim
shape to flange tabs securely,
applying pressure to the rim all around.
7. Position and attach the star front/rim onto
the base star shape, matching all outer
cut edges as precisely as possible.
8. Position and attach the backside of the star base
to the "front" of the hanger star shape,
matching the edges that correspond.
9. For this variation, the same four main shapes
are cut, PLUS the three-segment starry field
shape (blue) and three narrow facet shapes (red).
The "white" main perforated star shape
at center of this image will act as the "white stripes"
for this flag variation. Or, four "white" narrow
facet shapes could be cut to cover
the main base shape for "white stripes".
Prepare the center star and rim as described
in step 6 above, then prepare the starry
segment by bending short perf line as "valley"
fold, and long thru-point line as "mountain" fold.
Position and attach over the upper left 
quadrant as shown.
Position and attach the narrow red facet shapes
over alternate corresponding areas on the right
side of the star.
Here is the completed star, ready to attach
to base and hanger.
10. Cut the same main four shapes as for
the plain variation, then cut left and right facet shapes
from a pair of coordinated papers. 
Position and attach the facet shapes over
corresponding spaces as shown.
11. Cut the same main four shapes as for
the basic ornament. NOTE: there are two
ways to create the five different "patchwork"
points: 1) cut main star as one of the colors,
then cut four more points; OR 2) cut main star
from a non-showing foundation card stock,
then cut five points.
(This shapes layout shows the first version,
with the blue main star planned to show through
as one of the five point colors.)
Create the star ornament, then prepare the
add-on points by bending back on center
perforation line. Position and attach
in over one of the points, matching
the crest perforation bends.
This variation shows the kraft card main star base,
with five points being attached over the top.
12. Prepare the star ornaments for hanging
on the stars tree by cutting 9" lengths of baker's
twine, inserting through holes on hanger base
top and centering, then using a tool such as
this 3/4" diameter wooden dowel to knot and
tie bows with a consistent hanging loop at center.
Hang the loop over the arm tabs on the stars tree,
either from the front as is shown here . . .
. . . or from the back so that the bows
present on the front of the arm.

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