Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Box Ornament 3D for Candy Bear

Single shape small-scale treat box measures 
approx. 2.75" tall x 1.8" wide x .9" deep. 
Front and side panel cut-out windows provide 
a peek to contents, with optional clear vinyl liners 
if box contents will be loose candy. B
ox opens from bottom, with back curved flap that 
slides into back panel slot, 
secured with sticky circle or clear tape. 

Roof flap is secured in place, then hanging loop 
threaded through punch hole. 
(Hide loop knot under roof panel "cover" if desired.) 
Oval gift tag with circle reinforcement also included 
for personalizing. 

Sized to fit miniature Lindt brand foil-wrapped bear 
in its package stand, or approx. 1/4 cup loose candy. 
Even tuck folded U.S. currency and hide behind 
bear back wall or under candy. 

ASSEMBLY:  1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A box main shape     B interior upper cover panel
C front & side window clear vinyl panels (optional)
D label oval and punch hole reinforcement ring
2. Prepare the main box shape by bending
back on all panel and tab perforation lines.
3. Position and attach vinyl panels on the backside
of the box main panel using appropriate adhesive.
4. Form the box into a "tube" to bring the back side
tab flange to tuck under the opposite side panel edge,
adjust for top/bottom alignment, and glue seam.
NOTE that this seam can be fastened
by flattening the box and applying fingertip
pressure along the edge.
5. Cut a 7-9 inch length of hang twine or ribbon
and insert ends through top hole, from outside
to underside.
6. Glue or otherwise securely attach ribbon ends
to underside of top flap.
7. To help hang loop to stay secure and also
camouflage the ends, position and attach
the underside cover panel as shown.
8. Bend top flaps inward, tuck inside box upper
edges, and glue flaps to box body.
9. If desired for decoration, slide a decorative
bead over the ribbon and move to position at roof.
(Glue in place for choking hazard prevention.)
10. Insert the Lindt chocolate foil-wrapped bear
on its commercial platform into the box 
through bottom opening . . . 
. . . and slide fully inside.
Alternatively, pour loose candies into box.
11. fold bottom side tabs inward, bend top flap
into position . . . 
. . . and tuck rounded tip into slot.
Fasten flap in place with a clear adhesive circle
or equivalent piece of tape, etc.
12. Prepare the tag and glue in place
or use twine loop to attach to hanger, etc.
Here are the two styles of fillers
in the completed boxes.

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