Sunday, November 4, 2018

Place Cards Candy Tents Pumpkins

Display seating arrangement at your harvest feast 
with these tent cards that hold common packaged 
after-dinner treats.    Tents are included in two sizes: 
wide that holds double flat chocolate squares package
 (approx. 1.875" tall x 2.5" long x 3" 
thick without wrapper ends), and . . . 
. . . small that holds wrapped turtle package 
(approx. 2.125" long x 1.75" tall x .5" thick 
without wrapper ends). 

Decorate each with pumpkin and stem, leaf vine. 
Personalize with guest name printed tags 
(use the print & cut feature of Cameo system, 
or simply typeset, print and rotary trim and punch name tags). 
Since tents fold flat, they can be stored for re-use.

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes
for the tent size and style* you are building:
tent main shape, pumpkin with stem, vine,
tag with circle reinforcement.
(* use the tent main shapes that include
the center back bottom "tab" if you wish
your tent place cards to stand - see second part
of step 2; use the non-tabbed tent shapes 
if the place cards will lay on top of the plate, etc.)
2. Prepare the main tent shapes by bending
on the cross perforations as shown here:
bend end shaped headers 
and center line perforation forward, 
and bend the two "bottom" of panel perforation
lines back (mountain folds).
*If using the tabbed bottom tent shape,
the tab that is at the backhalf bottom perforation
line IS NOT folded or bent back or forward.
The tab will help the tent to stand upright.
3. Fold the tents and bring the top shaped
header edges/panel together as shown,
and join the header backsides together,
taking care with edge and hole punch alignment.
NOTE that the folded included at the bottom center
of each size/style will allow the tents to be
collected, folded flat, and stored for the next
event when they can adorn the table decor.
The center folds can be outward or inward.
4. Prepare the decorations:
a) attach pumpkin stems to pumpkin base;
b) attach circle reinforcement to name tags.
(Also pen the names at this point is possible.)
5. Position and attach the pumpkins to the tent
front face, tacking the bottom and left areas
in place, then tucking the stem end under
and pivoting leaf/vine unit to preferred
positioning, then attach all shapes in place.
6. Position and attach (or leave loose) the name tags
with one hole overlapping a header punch hole.
If tags are attached even slightly,
the threading of twine will be easier.
7. Prepare the tents for placement on the table
by bending the center perf line up slightly.
The center back tab should extend outward
for the standing variation.
Insert the wrapped candy into the tent
from the side (this may be a snug fit).
Here are the two sizes complete.

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