Friday, November 16, 2018

Countdown 3D Blocks for Pickup Truck

Sturdy card stock blocks with number panels and 
contrast under-lay panels hold the right numbers 
to count down 1-24 the days before Christmas 
(or up as a calendar to Christmas). 

Four-piece bumper frame fits inside the cargo bed 
 blocks slide out easily to be rotated to read 
appropriate number on top faces 
Each block measures approx. 2.75" across, tall and deep. 
Optional main tray shape also included into which 
"Fence 3D Cargo Bay for Pickup Truck" design 
bottom ends can be inserted and attached (for alignment, etc.).
Find the tutorial for the Pickup Truck model HERE.

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main platform shape
B side bumper "boxes"
C center recessed platform "box"
D supports for center platform
E blocks main shape (2)
F blocks add-on panel (2)
G internal cross support struts (2 sets)
H number face plates (includes blank)
I extra #1 and #2 face plates
J contrast liners for face plates (11)
2. To assemble the number blocks, please refer
to steps 2-13 in a similar perpetual calendar blocks project
at this LINK. Then return for additional assembly.
NOTE that the interior struts for this design (G above)
are simpler, simply rotate one shape so that
upward and downward center slots can fit together
into an 'X' formation which is inserted into
the box prior to positioning and attaching final
block side seams.

3. Prepare the main platform shape by bending
back on all perforations including the center "interior"
walls, and bend interior walls bottom flange forward.
4. Form the shape into a tray to align and join
corner seams for side panels. NOTE: platform
top panel is downward in this image.
5. Prepare the side bumper "boxes" by bending
back on all perforation lines, except bend
the inward flange (bottom in this image) forward.
6. Form the bumper into a tall narrow box,
by bending in side and end walls to align
bottom edge with corresponding bottom panel tab,
and side panel with end side flange, etc.
Join both end seams for both bumper boxes.
7. Position the bumper box to insert into bottom
of the center platform assembly, and next to
platform side wall, with bumper long edge flange
inward. Apply glue to surfaces that will touch
at bumper inward side or platform side wall back side,
and on ends. Apply pressure to join flush
and securely. Insert and join both bumpers.
8. Bend the platform bottom panel into position
to tuck tabs under corresponding side walls,
and join the three bottom seams.
9. Prepare the center recessed platform box shape
by bending back on all perforation lines.
10. Form the center platform into a tray and
join four corner seams.
11. Prepare the center platform support struts
by bending forward at center vertical perf line,
and edge flange tabs back.
12. Orient the two strips as shown, with
slots down for one strip, up for the other.
13. Interlock the slots as shown, then push
the strips together . . . 
. . . until tops and bottoms are even.
14. Apply glue to the bottom flange tabs, then
insert into the bottom of the center platform tray,
and apply pressure until joined.
15. Apply adhesive to the bottom flange tabs, then 
insert the center platform box into the front
of the main platform assembly and push in fully.
16. To use the countdown or calendar blocks,
rotate the blocks so that the appropriate numbers
appear on panels on top positions.
NOTE: for numbers 1-9, use the blank panel
in the left position;
the '6' is rotated to represent '9'.

Position and seat the blocks into the recess
created where center panel is lower
than walls of main platform.
It may be a somewhat snug fit, depending
on thickness of card stock used.
The platform can be inserted into
the cargo bed of the Pickup Truck project,
shown here with the addition of the fences.

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