Sunday, November 4, 2018

Acorn Miniature 3D Box

Small size dimensional box is put together 
with 4 shapes. Stem is hole-punched for 
stringing onto a package, 
hanging in groups as mini swag, 
clustering in a rustic bowl, 
or pairing for a napkin ring or other table decor. 
Use optional non-punched stem overlay 
for a cluster on mantle, 
with a centerpiece or in a decorative bow. 
Measures approx.­­­­­­1.625" tall not including stem. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes
as labeled.
2. Prepare the base shape by bending back
on all perforation lines for sections and tabs.
Make sure all straight line cuts between body
and wedge tabs are separated.
3. Bend the pointed bottom end single seam edge
and tab inward slightly to overlap straight edge
to overlap opposite tab to perforation line,
and glue seam.
4. Working at the segment above the pointed end
level, bend the sections inward slightly to overlap
straight edge across adjacent tab to perf line
and join seam. Complete all 6 seams around hull.
5. Move up to the final two sections - 
one at a time - to bend sections
back slightly to line up straight line overlapping
the tab to perf line and join seam.
Complete all 6 pairs of seams around hull.
6. Prepare cap shape by bending back
on all perforation lines for panel sections, wedge tabs,
and end flanges.
7. Bend cap shape back into a slight cone
to overlap straight point edge across
adjacent tab, and join seam.
8. Bend the "side wall" segments back to align
straight edge to overlap adjacent tab, and join seam.
Join all 6 seam all around cap.
9. Bend each rim flange inward and glue in place
behind wall section.
10. Prepare the reinforcing insert shape by bending
wedge sections back on each side of
stem extension, to make it more narrow.
12. Open up the existing slot at top of cap
with a thin blade tool such as this spatula tool.
13. Insert the stem extension through the slot
from the underside of cap . . . 
. . . and push/pull carefully all the way through
so that shaped insert top edges are snug
against cap underside.
Unfold side sections so stem shape is flat.
14. Prepare the stem overlay by bending in half.
15. Wrap overlay over stem extension
and align so that all hole punches are fully open.
16. Apply glue along the "valley" at cap underside
between side walls and top wedges, then . . . 
. . . insert reinforcement into hull space while
fitting cap onto top of hull - this is a snug fit.
Push the cap fully onto hull, and hold in place
until glue is secure.
Finish as desired, such as twine knot and bow
shown here.

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