Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Photo Card 2012

A photo of a recent 3d letter box project becomes the focal point
for a simple Christmas postcard.
Embellishments are Silhouette America cut designs:
flourish star, plus Christmas silhouette set holly leaf (double shape created 
by copying a reversed image, overlapping the ends, then welding)
with a tiny red button berry embellishment.
Narrow sheer ribbon is threaded through cut slits or circle punches.
My greeting and sentiment has been printed onto vellum
and sticky-dot adhered on the backside

Perhaps you have a fun project that can't be tucked into an envelope
that you would like to share as your Christmas card.
This setup may inspire you to prepare your own to send.
And don't limit yourself to Christmas!
What about Happy New Year cards, or Valentine's Day greetings?

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