Saturday, December 29, 2012


Re-awakening my creativity after 
the hustle and clutter of a passing Christmas, I styled and created 
a paper and ribbon swag with my brand new Cameo from Silhouette
Since it is always a little melancholy to dismantle the holiday decor, 
having something new brings a fresh batch of cheer.

It measures about 36" from "nail to nail", and about 12" at the longest "drop" point.

To request a detailed list of the shapes used, size modifications, 
embellishment suggestions, etc., 
email Jodi at hearthsewnpatterns(at)yahoo(dot)com.

 Here you can see more detail. The WINTER layered tags(in 3 sets) plus "winter" phrase are from Snapdragon Snippets designer Kenzie Daley, as well as the 3d drop ornament "icicles" and jingle bells. Other 3d embellishments include the 3d snowflake at the center (converted by me into a "slice form", front half only), and the pinecone that was recently offered as a free shape from Silhouette America.

Another snowflake design highlights the E tag with its added oval of corrugated brown paper, with fanfold cut paper rosettes giving dimension to the W & T tags. White and silver netting are sewn and gathered into rosettes for N & R. Plastic snowflakes, multiple size circles are glued onto sheer and satin ribbons.

 I couldn't resist adding here a few photos to show more details. Lots of ribbons, surface textures, glitter, and interesting added findings (fancy word for things that I have in my studio waiting to be used). Here you can see the paper rosette, wood bead bauble, and slice-form-ized 3d snowflake.

Ribbon textures add so much: silver bead cord, woven "tape" cord, metalics, twill, shimmer sheers, brown jute. Never can add too much ribbon, do you think?!
 A closeup of the W end shows off the shiny cardstock used to cut the letters, along with a snowflake row that I sized, duplicated, overlapped the arms and then welded into a shape just for this project. A bookmark shape was also drawn and cut to place behind the rosette for a hang-hole and another tassel.

You can also see the jingle bell and pinecone better.

Here you can see the wonderful 3d drop ornament that made me think "icicle" the first time I saw it in the online store. To reinforce that notion, I created my own icicle shapes to hang along side. 

First I glued a miniature wood spindle shape to a round bead, attached a tassel in the bead end hole, and painted. Then I wrapped silver jewelry wire around the spindle, through a drill hole at the top and shaped it into a loop. 

You can see how "new" and interesting my paper and ribbon swag makes my usual "January" decorations seem. 
I love the red & green of the Christmas season. But having this much fun with aqua, milk chocolate & gray makes me want to re-decorate through the entire house!

You may think this a little bit "over the top" with so many details and embellishments. Just scale your own creation back and leave out elements you consider "extra".

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