Friday, January 31, 2014

Faux Cupcake Cup with Pennant Tutorial

Now available on the Silhouette America online store
is this cupcake cup with bottom platform and swizzle stick pennant flag,
from the creative minds at SnapDragon Snippets.
Design title: "cupcake cup with hearts or stars and pennant"
Download and cut this standard size cupcake cup, assemble it
following the tutorial here. It fits a standard frosted cake dessert.

But here we fill it with a "no-calorie" frosting swirl 
that is actually a folded, rolled and pinned washcloth.
Insert a swizzle stick/coffee straw with cut and assembled pennant 
and you have a quick and unique gift for
Valentine's Day, birthday, teacher appreciation day,
visiting neighbor, or any other occasion.
(You could even print&cut a custom name or greeting for the offset flag shape.)


1. Fold back the 6 base tabs at perforations. Also curl the body arch by sliding it between thumb and forefinger while adding a little pressure. The sections will "automatically" fold slightly along each separating perforation.

2. Apply adhesive of choice around the punch holes in the section that is attached to the base polygon.

3. Slide the opposite end section with the punch holes behind the section with the adhesive, the adjust until scallop edge and holes line up exactly.

Hold until joint is secure.

4. Apply adhesive to the face surface of each tab. Fold the base shape into position while inserting the folded tabs behind the body edge, taking care to line up perforation with bottom cut edge of body . . .

then apply pressure to join the tab to the body. Reaching thumb and forefinger around the body wall to press tabs is one good way to accomplish this. Work quickly to make sure the joining takes place properly, then keep working around to check and hold each tab as may be needed.

5. Insert the small brads into the punch holes and bend backs to secure in place.

and FLAG
A. Obtain a wash cloth (or cleaning cloth for this demo) that has a serged edge. The luxury style cloths which have turned hems will be too thick to roll properly. 

The 10x10 inch cloths used in these images came from Bed, Bath & Beyond as is shown with packaging in the picture at right. The pack comes with two contrasting cloths. I wanted only the violet one to show, but in the finished "roll", the green one was simply layered inside the other one.

The following images show just the violet cloth, to avoid confusion.

B.  Spread the cloth out flat (face down, if there is a face and back difference), then fold two opposite corners into the center.

C. Fold the previously-made fold edges in toward the center.

D.  Bring the two folds together.

E. Determine the "prettiest" point end, and start from the OPPOSITE end to tightly roll the cloth.

F.  When the rolling is completed, swing the final point slightly downward so that it won't show near the top. Use a fine straight pin with a simple "nail" head to hold the corner in place. HOWEVER, angle the pin so that it pierces just the next layer, so that it won't interfere with the next shaping step.

G. From the bottom, gently insert the tip of a finger to push the "swirl" of the center roll up slightly, trying to immitate the swirl of frosting on the top surface.

H. Carefully insert your optional flag "staff" into the center of the coil. I am using the "free" coffee stirring stick/straw from a local snack bar, trimmed to approx. 5" long.

If you prefer to use a larger diameter stick such as a seasonal decorative pencil or a candy stick, you may wish to actually begin the wrapping around that shaft. 

(Other pennant shapes with larger diameter tab punch holes can be purchased and downloaded in the "mini pennant flags for 3 size sticks" design in the Silh online store.)

I. Cut and assemble the pennant by folding and unfolding the flag at the center perforation, applying adhesive between the layers, then refolding to align edges and hold until glue is secure.

Fold the top and bottom punch hole tabs inward at a right angle.

(NOTE that my offset shape is decorated using a couple of the "weeded" hearts from the cupcake cup cutting step.)

J. Attach the offset shapes to front (and back, if desired). Slide pennant onto the staff by inserting stick through lower hole, then upper. Adjust to the appropriate position slightly down from stick end.

And your FIRST faux cupcake gift is completed!

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