Monday, January 13, 2014

Snowman Cannister Wrap & 3d Top Hat Tutorial

Start with an empty plastic Crystal Light or Arizona Tea cannister,
wrap & glue paper rectangle and embellish with face,
scarf, heart, carrot nose, coal buttons.
Build his 3d top hat that has an under-brim extension 
that fits inside the canister opening to keep the hat in place
(as you can see within inset above).
Cut file is now available from SnapDragon Snippets
through the Silhouette America online store.

Step 1. Identify and cut the shapes.
A. crown
B & C. crown top circles
D. brim ring
E. middle brim reinforcer
F. brim flange
G. bottom brim
H. body rectangle wrap
I. scarf band strip
J & K. scarf pieces
not letter-identified: hat band, face shapes, heart, coal buttons

Step 2. Add curl to (A) crown shape by pulling with pressure between thumb and fingers while forcing lead end downward. Curl the complete length.

Step 3. Overlap end straight edge over tab end at perforation (don't fold the tab back).

Step 4. Fold top edge tabs inward.

Step 5. Apply glue to the INSIDE or UNDERNEATH surfaces of folded tabs.

Insert (B) crown circle into the ring, force down into position and apply pressure evenly all around the edge as the glue cures. Placing the assembly with outer surface of B flat on the tabletop and inserting fingers or other pressing tool and repeatedly moving and pressing around the interior works well.

This is how the crown should look at the end of this step, viewing from the top, outside.

Step 6. Fold the lower crown tabs outward.

Step 7. Apply glue to the outer/upper tab surfaces, then slide the crown tube into the (D) brim ring. Force the ring all the way down, make adjustments so that the tube circumference matches up to the tab/crown angle as well as possible. Apply pressure evenly and all around as the glue cures. 

Step 8. Apply glue to underside of (C) crown circle then position it on top to hide the tab construction. 

Step 9. Fold the (F) flange in half along center perforation. Unfold and apply adhesive to backside of segments (except leave the end without the end tab un-glued until Step 10) then re-fold and apply pressure until each is secure.

Step 10. Fold at each vertical section perforation to form the flange roughly into a ring.

 Step 11. Unfold and apply glue to the end left un-glued in Step 9. Insert the opposite end tab between, overlapping until perf guidemark even with straight edge of end. Re-fold flange and apply pressure until all surfaces are secure.

 Step 12. Prepare the flange to insert tabs into (G) bottom brim slots by identifying the longer front and back tabs, and rotating the flange so that these correspond to the longest slots. 

Insert tabs into slots and pull through completely. This process may involve barely inserting tabs as you work around the ring, then working tabs all the way through until flange is flush.

This is how the underneath surface of G should look with tabs inserted through.

Step 13. Apply glue to the inner surface of each tab, then fold toward the center and apply pressure until each is secure.

Step 14. Apply glue and join (E) middle brim reinforcer to backside of flange/brim assembly.

Step 15. Apply glue and join the lower assembly to the underside of D that is part of upper assembly.

This image shows the empty "undressed" (label removed) plastic Crylstal Light canister with the flange being inserted into the opening. The flange should fit fairly snugly and will hold the hat in place well.

Step 16. Apply glue to lower and upper edges and one side edge of (H) body wrap rectangle, then adhere to the empty cannister, placing first side edge slightly past the back center and keeping upper and lower edges even with canister edges. Particularly watch the lower edges for alignment since this will affect how the snowman stands when completed. Before completely wrapped and in place, apply glue to the final side edge, then overlap the first edge and hold in place until all are dry.

Step 17. Position and glue in place the (I) scarf band. The top edge should be about 3.75" from the bottom canister edge, as shown here. Take care that it is straight and parallel to the canister ends.

Step 18. Position and attach the remaining shapes, including J & K scarf pieces (a fold-over shape is included in the cut file, if you prefer), and hat band. Because of the curving shape of the canister, heart and nose may be attached only partly, so take care when applying adhesive so it stays in the attaching areas only. Also note that black eyes can have a contrast highlight base shape if desired. "Dry-fitting" the smile to see where all the other pieces, including the cheeks should go, may be a good idea.

Hope you had fun making your
snowman canister!

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