Sunday, April 27, 2014

Kid's Hard Hat Adjustable Party Hat Tutorial

Make an adjustable party hard hat to fit your "Construction Zone" kid party
using this new cut file design available soon from SnapDragon Snippets
(through SVG Attic and Silhouette America's online store).
Sized to fit young children approx. ages 4-8 
with average head circumference measurement of 19-21".
(See final instructions after Step 14 for a simplified version idea.)

1. Identify and cut the pieces.

For the sample, colors were used as follows:
Deepest yellow: body,bill, inner lamp circle
Mid yellow: crest
Lightest yellow: "work zone" front, crest accent
Golden yellow: lamp circle
Black: sign back contrast layer
White: lamp starburst
Sparkle white: lamp smallest circle

2. Fold hat body slightly downward on perforations. Bring side section tab toward front, attach under the front side edge as shown, aligning lower edges of front and side. Repeat for the opposite side.

3. Fold the bill slightly on perforations. Fold tabs upward. Position at the body front lower edge.

4. Attach center segment bill tab behind body lower front edge, then attach each side tab in similar fashion.

5. Prepare "crest" reinforcing shape by folding inward on all perforations. Side "L" shapes will line up roughly with the shaped center section.

6. Align a center section edge with corresponding side edge and glue in place. Continue to align each center edge (by folding center at perforation so that angle matches side edges) with side section edges, until all sides are joined to center. NOTE: Back end (beyond the longest center section) has a small section that connects with tiny side edge, BUT end tab section should remain free and unattached.

Here is a side view with all but the small end section being glued to final set of tabs.

And  here is the end view.

7. Align crest over body construction, with narrower FRONT end toward hat front. Line up crest tabs with hat body slots, then insert tabs, fold tabs to sides, and attach to underside of hat body. 

Here is a view of the inside of the hat with the tabs inserted through slots.

8. Fold the back end tab under, align perforation with the edge of hat body, and glue in place.

9. Fold crest accent shape on perforations, then center and glue in place on crest, lining up perforations of each. 

10. Layer "stencil" sign front with contrast back (slightly smaller than front panel).

11. Assemble layers of the lamp light: base large circle, second circle, sunburst shape, center light circle.

12. For added dimension, place a foam square or circle at the center back of circle assembly.

13. Position lamp on second crest segment from the bottom (or wherever you think best).

14. Bring side "strap" areas to center back and insert "hook" into selected slot. Positioning of slots will allow adjustment in approximately 1/2" increments. During the party introduction, consider making this connection more permanent with cellophane tape.

And here is the finished party hat! How many will your party require? Assembly is quick enough that a bunch won't be a problem.

NOTE: For even faster, simplified construction: Use the optional hat body shape that has the crest slots eliminated. Make the hat without the crest detail. Simply skip Steps 5-9. Then attach the sign and the lamp light (with foam dimension square), and you're done!

Have a wonderful party!


  1. Awesome tutorial, Jodi! I just put one of these together :)

  2. Replies
    1. Cut it out at original size, if downloading from silhouette America. If purchasing and cutting the DS file for a non-Cameo file, it s also 100% or original size. If you need to use the DS file for Cricket or other systems, that file on SnapDragon Snippets needs to be cut enlarged to cut at 200%.

  3. How can i download the template? Thank you!

  4. This design's cut file is available for purchase and download from Silhouette America's online store, for use with the Silhouette Cameo die cutter.