Sunday, September 28, 2014

Witch High Top Boot Decor Tutorial

Create some witchy-wear for your Halloween decor
using card stock, then add details including lacing, painted wooden bead,
wire spring to hold toe bat. Then decorate with the included shapes,
add "lacy" pumpkin pleated arch at ankle.
Add rhinestones, jewels, glitter - whatever you fancy.
Great alone, but can also be filled with candy.
Measures a large (approx.) 8" tall x 7.5" long x 2.75" wide.

Cut file that includes decor shapes
available from SnapDragon Snippets
through the Silhouette America online store, SVG Attic,
and the new web outlet.
1. Identify and cut the shapes.
A & B shoe sides
C shoe upper with lacing piece, eyelets
D sole (includes extension that is under toe
E back
F heel box
G tongue
H ankle lace
I bat fold-over (with eye piece, swirl embl.)
J embellishments patches, stars, web

2. Glue the lacing shape onto the upper.

(Image shows eyelets in place before curl added. Safer to avoid popping them off to curl first, then add eyelet rings as shown in next step.)

 Before the glue dries stiff, ...

... add some outward curl to the assembled shape using fingers or a rod-like tool s shown. Attach eyelets over punch holes.

3. Prepare the upper shape by folding back the tabs.

4. Position the toe top corner of one of the sides shapes at the tip of upper. Match and line up the first 2-3 tab perforations at the curved edge and glue in place.

NOTE: it may help to work just a couple of these tabs at a time, and be accurate on this rather tight curve to make sure edge and perf lines align as closely as possible.

5. Attach 2-3 tabs on the opposite side piece in similar manner. Then join a few more on each side, working no further than slightly farther than 1/3 of the way along the upper (to allow for access for the sole attachment, etc.).

6. Prepare the sole shape by folding outward at cross perforation line at "heel" end. 

Add curl to the long section. 

Fold toe tip tab and side tabs back.

7. Attach the sole's toe tip tab to the straight tip edge of the upper. Allow it to dry securely before manipulating the edges in the next steps.

8. Bend the sole shape back into its position so that curl shape echoes the side curve. Align and attach 3-4 tabs to one side, wait until glue is somewhat secure, then attach corresponding 3-4 tabs on the opposite side.

Don't complete any more of upper or sole attachment until bat is attached.

9. Prepare bat's "spring" by wrapping a 6-7 inch  length of floral wire (mine is appropriately green, but gray would also work) around a skewer or similar gauge rod. Wrap so that the "rings" are fairly close together and very consistently spaced, for a total of 7 or so wraps, or a length or approximately 1/2". 

Leave approx. 1/2" straight wire end extensions.

This is how my spring looks when finished and removed from the tool.

10. Use pliers to curve the top of spring into a hook or loop that will provide more surface and better shape to attach to the bat's inside.

11. Attach bat's contrast eye shape behind the head front. Fold the bat shape in half.

12. Glue spring hook or loop inside the folded bat body area, then apply glue to the inner surface of body and wings, fold and hold until spring and paper surfaces are secure.

13. Use pliers tips create a small "cork screw" at the bottom spring end, so that it can be "screwed" into the boot's toe. This cork screw may look simply like another "wrap" of the spring, but tighter or more compressed, perhaps.

14. Insert the spring end into the tiny toe top hole, then spin the bat until the cork screw end has been twisted into the interior of the toe.

15. Apply some quick-set adhesive (such as hot glue) to the spring and the surrounding toe tip backside, so that the spring will stay in place. Quickly adjust the bat from the front outside, so that it faces straight forward, then hold until adhesive is set.

16. Continue the upper to sides, and the sole to sides assembly by adding glue and attaching a few tabs on one side, then the other, until all edges are secure. Take care for accuracy to align shoe edge and perf lines.

This image shows how the sole heel section bends at perforation to match up to the shoe's side lower edge.

17. Prepare the back shape by folding at cross perforation to define heel section. Add inward curl to this portion of the back. Fold the tabs back. 

18. Join the back lower edge tab to the sole's back edge.

19. Position, align and attach side edges to back edges of shoe sides. TIP: When working along the heel curve, it may be helpful to attach the tabs at the "ends" of the curve first, then quickly work to "adjust" the edge to match the plain edge it is being attached to.

20. Prepare the tongue shape by adding some curl to the upper wider portion only.

21. Apply adhesive to the upper face of the  lower narrower portion, then insert behind the upper/lacing panel, push in until top edge is slightly above the pointy ends of the shoe sides. 

Reach into the shoe's interior with fingers to apply pressure from both sides to help tongue attach securely.

22. Prepare the heel shape by folding inward at cross perforation lines to form a sort of open-top box. Add some curl to the tabbed front and back sections.

Fold the pointy tabs inward, and the end tabs inward.

23. Apply glue to the tabs of one edge, align at the adjacent shaped edge of a side, adjust and attach. TIP: attach top/outer tab first so upper perf folds of each adjoining edge align, then adjust the "curve" of the tabbed edge to match the plain edge.

24. Repeat the joining process for each of the remaining three tabbed edges.

25. If desired, add some weight beads to the heel before attaching it to shoe body. I have used a small baggie filled with acrylic "doll" beads to a volume that matches the interior of the heel, closed and "sealed" with tape. Baggie is tucked into the heel cavity

26. Fold the top tab/flanges inward and glue where they overlap.

27. Apply a quick-grab adhesive thoroughly (but avoid spill-over) to the heel upper flanges, then center under the heel indent and hold with pressure until secure.

NOTE: There is a "front" and a "back" to the heel, but it will work either way. It was designed so that the longer curve faces toward the front of the shoe.

28. Add some outward curl to the side upper tips.

29. Prepare the ankle lace by folding into pleats at the inner edge. Fold the long perforations as "mountain" folds, then fold the shorter folds as "valley" folds. Glue the pleats into shape at the inner edge (or neatly machine stitch across the curve lower edge).

Center the lace arch inside the ankle area, inserting lower edge approx. 1" below shoe edge, the glue the corresponding section of the lace to the shoe's back. Curve the front ends of the lace downward to sort of match the sides' front edges, adjust, then glue in place.

30. Add embellishment shapes as desired, including swirls, layered star buttons, saw tooth patches, and web. You may also choose to embellish with glitter, rhinestones, jewels, paper appliques, spider, or anything else you have in your treasury!

The model boot also has 5/8" wooden ball beads that have been painted and varnished, then glued in place over the lacing ends.

Here is the finished boot from the side front ...

... and from the left side view.
Finish your presentation by inserting decorative tissue paper,
candy sticks, loose candy, etc.


  1. Beautiful. You are just too, too talented.

  2. Thank you for the kind words. They fuel my fire!

  3. Ohhh!! I got mine a long time ago and it came without the embellishments! :(

  4. Thanks for the tut on how to put this together. I picked it out at the SIL store and then wondered how I would ever put it all together when I looked at it. :-) I hope to be making this over the weekend.

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  6. I enjoyed making this boot! I was wondering if you have a "Santa" type boot for Christmas time? I'd love to make them if you do! Darling and so creative!

    1. We will be releasing a "Mrs. Santa" version of this boot with new and different embellishments. A Santa boot is on our "long list" for this year, but since we are falling behind already, it may be 2015 before we get to it. Thanks for your interest. Glad you had fun.

  7. I downloaded the design from Silhouette store but I do not have any of the emblishments ie angle lace, spider web or any emblishments???

    1. Paulette, there are two different 3d witch boot designs in the Silhouette America store that are from the SnapDragon Snippets collection. The earlier style is a smaller box, no. 33236 "3d witches boot". The second, the one with the inner liner and embellishments is 67397 "witch's high top shoe candy box decor". If your download did not include the embellishments, you have purchased no. 33236.

  8. It is for sale on the Silhouette American online store.

  9. I purchased # 67397 svg from Silhouette America. When I inserted pattern on my grid to make this project, on the right panel it is showing numerous, repetitive eyeballs, and when I go to cut, the svg is adding cuts that were not on the pattern. ie dots and dashes. Any suggestions? tia

  10. If you are using a Silhouette Cameo system, it may be importing improperly. If using a different system, I'm afraid I would have no idea what to do. Silhouette America is still the resource that you need to reach out to for advice and specific trouble shooting. Our past experience has overwhelmingly shown that our setup for svgs that is acceptable to the Silhouette platform do not work very well with systems like Cricut.