Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hearts Trio Mini Favor Basket Assembly Guide

Quick to create,
this perky little valentine favor basket
can brighten a table place setting,
or hold a small treat for a special Valentine.
Measures approx.4.5” long x 4.75” tall x 2.25” wide.
Handle attaches through punch holes and front, back layers.

1. Identify and cut the shapes.

Basket base shape
Accent shapes:
 4 side
2 center triangular
2 end square shapes
Hearts trios with base panels (two sets)
Handle (not shown in this shot)

2. Fold base shape on all perforations as "inward" folds. With the base shape flat, position and glue the accent shapes in place. NOTE that all accent shapes are offset slightly within the base panels to which they attach.

3. Assemble the basket by folding on perforations to bring side points toward the center to overlap and line up with the center panel. Align all punch holes.

(If the basket will not be disassembled for storage, etc., glue the panels in their finished position, as well as the hearts medallion in the next step.)

Repeat for the opposite basket side.

4. Glue the hearts in place on their base shape, both sets.

Position the medallion over the basket side with punch holes aligned. (Glue in place.)

5. Add some curl to the handle shape.

6. Position the handle inside and behind the basket side assembly so that the punch holes all line up. Insert the brad and attach. Repeat for the opposite side.

Here is the completed mini basket, ready to fill and present.

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